andromeda polifolia 'macrophylla

glaucophylla. Zimozielona krzewinka wyrastająca do 30 cm, o zwartym pokroju. Antennaria plantaginifolia Plantain-leaved Pussytoes. Andromeda polifolia, common name bog-rosemary, is a species of flowering plant native to northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Andromeda – A. polifolia Dwarf, evergreen shrubs requiring acid soil. Anemarrhena asphodeloides. All pictures are contributed by our community. It is the only member of the genus Andromeda , and is only found in bogs in cold peat -accumulating areas. Cultivu. Bog Rosemary (Andromeda polifolia 'Kiri Kaming') Large-Leaved Bog Rosemary (Andromeda polifolia 'Macrophylla') Compact Bog Rosemary (Andromeda polifolia 'Nana') Browse and search. Close × Share This Page. 1. Andromeda polifolia Macrophylla. Aralia cordata Spikenard. Evergreen foliage is larger than most of the other species of Andromeda at 2 cms by 1 cm or maybe a little larger. L'Andromeda polifolia 'Blue Lagoon' est une variété de romarin des tourbières cultivée pour son feuillage d'un bleu encore plus intense que celui de 'Blue Ice'. They have elliptic leathery leaves and small, urn-shaped pink or white flowers in late spring and early summer. Andromeda polifolia var. Nordés d'América del Norte. Product Details A dainty littel shrub reaching up to 15 cms high at the most unless growing through another plant. Kwitnie w końcu kwietnia, na początku maja. Andromeda polifolia 'Blue Ice' Bog Rosemary. Leaves linear-oblong, tapered at both ends, 1 to 1 1 ⁄ 2 in. Previous Item Next Item. × New and Unread Tree-Mails. Aralia … These are deep green and have conspicous sunken veins. Anemonopsis macrophylla ''double-flowered form'' False Anemone. Andromeda polifolia 'Alba' Fall after a … Aralia racemosa American Spikenard. A low evergreen shrub rarely more than 1 1 ⁄ 2 ft. high, whose slender, glabrous, wiry stems are clothed thickly with stiff, hard-textured leaves; young wood pinkish. Andrómeda polifolia 'Macrophylla' Andrómeda polifolia 'Major' Andrómeda polifolia 'Minima' Andrómeda polifolia 'Nana' Andrómeda polifolia 'Nikko' Andrómeda polifolia 'Red Winter' ... Andromeda Androsace Anemanthele Anemone sp. Kwiaty drobne, kuliste, bardzo liczne, różowe. Cultivar 'Amacera' y 'Macrophylla' ganaron el Premiu al Méritu Garden de la Royal Horticultural Society. Search plants » Add a new plant to the database « View all genera « Return to the plants database homepage. Andromeda polifolia L. Bog Rosemary. Plant database entry for Large-Leaved Bog Rosemary (Andromeda polifolia 'Macrophylla') with one image and 20 data details. The shrub needs an acidic soil pH between 5.0 and 6.0. View picture of Andromeda Species, Bog Rosemary, Common Bog Rosemary, Marsh Andromeda (Andromeda polifolia) at Dave's Garden. ... Andromeda polifolia macrophylla. Ce petit arbuste drageonnant à port arrondi forme un petit coussin à ramure fine et grêle, recouverte d'une masse de petites feuilles linéaires rappelant celles du romarin, d'abord bleu argenté puis vert bleuté. Numberosos cultivares desenvolviéronse pal usu del xardín, tolos cualos riquen un suelu acedu húmedu na solombra. Liście wąskie, srebrzysto-zielone. Give andromeda a well-drained, wind-protected site with organically rich soil. long, 1 ⁄ 8 to 1 ⁄ 3 in.

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