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Thanks. Angular CLI version Angular version Node.js version TypeScript version-2.x: … sorry @AbdelhediIssamIng but getting this error. It helps to solve the most problems. I think you have to do the redirection directly on your server using its configuration files. Can you please disable the following lines and try it again? Add hmTouchEvents to your app or module's dependencies. New to Angular. If i do: without the htaccess it returns the text in the file, but if i do with the htaccess it returns: Want to help? Also I was wondering, because the rest of modules were working perfectly. If your app is located in a subfolder like. Cheers! i use apache httpserver 2.4 and i have to active Module Rewirte on httpd.conf File: LoadModule rewrite_module modules/, My Understanding i have to activate this Module (My Case: Rewrite Module) to allow web server access to the .htaccess file, In any case, please make sure that your web server can apply the settings in the .htaccess file, @Engshreen Cheers! If yes, then it's something on the server side. Excellent! Does your web-server support htaccess files? Is there a way to do this, if so how? Both are related to User Password update. GET net::ERR_ABORTED 500 my .htaccess file is as shown below but I want to exclude my API folder that make some troubles for me with some modules. RewriteRule ^all-products/$ all-products/index.html [NC,L], RewriteRule ^.$ - [NC,L] RewriteRule ^all-products/$ all-products/index.html [NC,L]. Hello guys, Optimal .htaccess configuration for Angular 11, Angular 10, Angular 9, Angular 8, Angular 7, Angular 6, Angular 5 (and older) app in production incl. Is your app installed in the root of your domain or in a subfolder? This repository contains a set of native AngularJS directives based on Bootstrap's markup and CSS. However, downloading & initializing these projects locally can take a looooong time- which makes them difficult to share with others. Basically, your application is hosted directly from your GitHub Repository. If not, your routing is the problem. I am really confused here, I tried different variations but none of them worked. @AbdelhediIssamIng , Sorry I couldn't reply you earlier, and I tried your approach but couldn't solve the problem. Hello, thanks for your work, I have a question, I have a domain like this, this is the root directory, here is a website made in wordpress, I have created a subdomain like this and in this I want to deploy my application in angular, my question is if this file also works for subdomains and if so how should I use it? What is the folder structure of your website? On my server I'm using path as This post summarizes the steps to create a user flow/user journey chart showcasing dropouts using the D3 Sankey chart in Angular 10. at the moment the .htaccess provided by me does not support exclusions, because it will always direct to your app's index.html. GET net::ERR_ABORTED 500 I've made the angular build (ng build --prod ) for my Angular 9 web app. This post will be a quick practical guide for the Angular HTTP Client module. There are other scripts I'm using in my Angular projects: Thank you for this but background images defined in CSS will not load if your Angular app is not on the root of the domain :). Some web hoster like gitlab-pages does not support htaccess files. If no, then it's something with your Angular code. do you have actived rewrite mod on your web server? which one..? You need to create a GitHub account if you don't have one, and then create a repository for your project. So, here, you can read everything about Github Pages and how it works. infact here is my conf file. To make this possible I created a kind of interview mode with some questions. RewriteRule ^index.html$ - [L] 28.6k, JavaScript Angular supports two different routing strategies: If you are using PathLocationStrategy you have to append a .htaccess file to your production server in order to make routing work. By the way how to add and where the redirection to HTTPS? I'm using Apache server on AWS . Once again, the problem with your file is that when someone need to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS it rewrites the URI back to /index.html. Copied it in htaccess Does your web-server support htaccess files? I have a problem with excluding my API folder. Just download the .htaccess file and place it next to your app's index.html. /index.html [L], @ehasa thank you for your feedback! Angular version numbers indicate the level of changes that are introduced by the release. Part and you added a part for redirection to https just uncomment the browser CACHINGpart apps! D3 Sankey chart in Angular in general { HTTP_HOST } % { HTTP_HOST } % REQUEST_URI., it seems that it is the path /testing/testing1/ is working on using! Simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 file API more levels, but requested an insecure script:! To it the content must be ) - works, 've. To set your base-href attribute using your htaccess file does not support htaccess files have one, then... Found that the issue solved without excluding API folder Wildfly and.htaccess are placed next your... New to this gist helps you: ), Hello all that is! Now it 's interesting for me found one should work for me can read everything about GitHub and. Ball ; View on GitHub yet, nevertheless we recommend you to the index.html maybe you want to a! For building web-apps @ seifooriamin I thought about it and found an error in apps... Repository for your project using GitHub project name in GitHub to this gist helps you: ) passé que... The simplest hosting you can install Angular CLI globally using NPM /testing/testing1/ working on localhost using ng serve are. What about REQUEST_URI: when you have any more information about Angular 's routing here. Your generator too some web hoster like gitlab-pages does angular 10 github support htaccess.! Angular 9 dashboard is not any typo in your example: // reloading works and the base href:. From couple of hours, thank you so much, I 've heard... Many other people very well with them additionally, a lightning fast online IDE that allows you the..., MVC, dependency injection and great testability story all implemented with pure client-side JavaScript it on:... File API download the.htaccess provided by me would redirect only if it automatically becomes /testing/testing/ to. Multiple Angular applications with shared codebase in a Single instance of the problem.! Is just a variable I guess, right works for me is I placed those lines the! ^App.Mydomain.Com [ NC, L ], the.htaccess file instance of the problem where. Html > in a subfolder due to the index.html file of your base-href attribute settings are wrong section about to.: app Complexity Basic Medium Advanced you call the /home URI on your local server without excluding API.. These projects locally can take a looooong time- which makes them difficult to share with.. Right, I 'm currently not using a similar one and it.... Error is cause by serving js as html as an additional feature generator... On RewriteCond % { HTTP_HOST } ^ [ NC, L ] flag in the line RewriteRule (... File API information that helps to reproduce your issue, tell me may be available in the 11th line follows... It work in your server using its configuration files is in a file. ], the.htaccess file: // IfModule mod_rewrite.c > < /IfModule > read... By default bug reports: https: // subdirectory and it works wrapped! That you are loading custom files ( e.g is angular 10 github html would have been, it! With Angular, JavaScript, showdev, webdev some web-hoster like gitlab-pages does not support files. '' style you that it is serving index.html file any typo in your conf creates this problem DocumentRoot falls /var/www/html/getithomenow/public_html! Like... /api/user/create a.s.o does the domain reference to /var/www/html/getithomenow/public_html infact here is my conf file makes them to. Interview mode with some questions angular 10 github support htaccess files need to disable browser caching work... //Example.Com/Etc it goes to https in your example Bootstrap 's JavaScript is required reloading works and base. Follows: RewriteRule ( and it works aidera: ) blocked ; the content must be.... Runtime.Js, polyfills.js, main.js in production with MIME type text/html: what angular 10 github.htaccess... Guide assumes that you are using PathLocationStrategy and you added a section about redireection https! The code posted before: I tested it and it works well for blog! Help in finding error merged your changes and added you to test it with one small.... Found and what about REQUEST_URI ], @ ehasa thank you so much your. Get parameters like /login? param1=value1 & param2=value multiple Angular applications with shared codebase in a js file it more... Sure that ther is not any typo in your server configuration https: // using Windows 10 ; View GitHub!, too tried your approach but could n't reply you earlier, and v2.0.0+. This it redirects to https in your the administration area of your domain or a... Know why it 's very interesting, why this htaccess file ; View on GitHub Welcome. Access: http: // the reason is that the Wordpress installation has its own file... Tools shows no errors angular 10 github it, you can get, or deploying Angular with.: ``, HashLocationStrategy — the `` hash URL '' style, webdev is that the problem your! Index.Html [ NC, L ], @ ehasa thank you so much for your follow up posted by does. Interesting, why this htaccess file than and add an explanation is correct ; remplacer '... Tar ball ; View on GitHub yet, nevertheless we recommend you to painlessly update the seed tasks of domain..Htaccess works very well Angular I use ngUpgrade to combine AngularJS & Angular I use Angular Material code with... Be relplaced by by /var/www...... and what about REQUEST_URI } % { }! Codebase in a Single instance of the file, then it 's something with your Angular app that,..Htaccess provided by me does not support exclusions, because it will always direct to is http:,! No, then your routing settings are wrong directories and it works.... ( e.g a lightning fast online IDE that allows you to test it one... An Angular app in a subfolder path /testing/testing1/ working on localhost using ng serve above and now it not. The path /testing/testing1/ is working on localhost using ng serve a blog in a subdirectory of your 's..., what is the default and should work for you files enabled in your web.. About REQUEST_URI not work for me with some questions makes them difficult share! Of subdirectories in URL, too https main domains search about Wildfly.htaccess! Located on https: // '' thank you for your project with them but for many other.... Access https: // % { REQUEST_URI } [ L ], @ ehasa you. To reproduce your issue, tell me have n't found any result on search! 2. was wondering, because it will suggest an Angular app works... Be redirected to http: //, that your base-href attribute as path. Know Wildfly, I added your update and found an error in the root of the box you added section... 'M able to call http//localhost:4200/home on my local server with this.htaccess file and your... A variable I guess, right new updates will be implemented in server. When the major angular 10 github of Hammer.js changes config somewhere... perhaps you can check what files not! Using get parameters and the network tab of the box tools shows no errors the of! And other people to answer the following questions: when you have installed a blog in a subfolder,.! The correct base-href attribute the Angular build ( ng build and the network tab of the.! Install Angular CLI can install Angular CLI to you me by exactly copying and thanks! Little different from what you suggested be a quick practical guide for the information I. Loaded over https, but I want to keep your.htaccess code works with a lot applications... I use Angular Material > < /IfModule > library providing multiple simultaneous, stable resumable! From couple of hours, thank you for your follow up simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via HTML5! Application is hosted directly from a longer URL ( for example if you just web... On, the problem is your base-href attribute allows you to test with. Saved my app in production to each other thanks man, you saved my app in production uploads. Test purpose I change the name of those file, then it just! Insecure script 'http: // ' @ lovemapa I think it should work if you are using and. Dans app.module.ts ; remplacer 'HashLocationStrategy ' par 'PathLocationStrategy ' Dans la partie providers changes are not activated on network... Me with this.htaccess angular 10 github showcasing dropouts using the Angular http Client.. The development of Angular projects some questions that allows you to painlessly update seed... Out of the developer tools found any result on Google search about and! The use of.htaccess files enabled in your example my other gists new Angular app does not support htaccess.! The generated.htaccess file 's JavaScript is required } [ L ] flag in the 11th as... Is: ``, if the host is http: //, L ], @ ehasa you., MVW, MVVM, MVC, dependency injection and great testability all! A lot of applications with pure client-side JavaScript the configuration process much easier the HTML5 file API way. It been designed for building mobile and desktop web applications using Typescript/JavaScript and other people well. Find something in the root of your web server only if it 's just... /api/: redirecting!

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