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As Couponxoo’s tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of 50% on average by using our coupons for shopping at Codeforces Problem By Topic . Stream on up to 2 screens at a time. Right done dfs, (5) //Slightly DP-like (NICE) TREE, (3) //Simply 2 DFS: NICE + EASY, (4) //DFS while tracking "next", (5) //Keep track of cycles, (5) //Post-Order → line, Connect i → N-2: star, (5) //VERY NICE! ], [accesable? If I would miraculously evade it one day, I'll add those problems. A warning: the last problem is much harder than the others . If I solve all the problems mentioned in that book will I improve? Did you simply miss HLD or it's there but I can't find it? ],,,, Project Euler #114: Counting block combinations I,, //Not exactly but similar principle, 10743 UVA (5) //A001169 [easy multi / hard to come with recurence], (6) //Not trivial to come-up with matrix, (4) //NICE — 10x10 matrix, (3) //NICE&EASY — 3-states "OO,OX,XO", (4) //Easy + Sum, (4) //Classical (N-Bonacci), (5) //VERY NICE: A137726, (4) //[BASIC], 13288 — Cordon Bleu (6) //[NICE][MATCHING], (Aqueduct Construction — A), (5) //VERY NICE, (8) //Nice but hard to see + negative, (5) //Easy but faster MCMF needed, (6) //NICE + MUCH Faster MCMF, (7) //VERY NICE (some optimalisations needed + weird data set), (6) //Alphabetical buckets, 7, 3 (as above just not so dynamic), 4 //classical dynamic median, (6) //VERY NICE [MO +++ MEDIAN, MEAN, FREQ], (5) //[VERY NICE][BS][2P][PRIMES], (4) //NICE[EASY], (6) //NICE[GRAPH][Cycles of length 5],,, (4) //VERY NICE — div by partity (take lesser) → 8^6, [Updates], (5) //[VERY NICE], [Tree][Updates], (5) //[NICE][CLASSICAL][FREQUENCIES][FENWICK][BS], (4) //[NICE][CLASSICAL], (6) //[NICE][NORMALIZE],,, //Tree + Update. for example, graphs, geometry etc. Login; Register; User Editorials : Search Friends ... Leaderboard: Trending Problems: Submission Filters: Testimonials: Feature Updates: Find Me Problems. 14:00 . Thank You For Watching, Happy Coding . In this course, you will learn about the various important Coding Questions asked in competitions conducted on platforms like Codechef, Codeforces, HackerBlocks etc. I wrote a script to save all these questions along with their categories in a CSV file using python. and Now I want to solve Problems in CF about graphs. Thanks a lot for these!, [EASY], 3378 — Swamp Things [LA] — Maximum points on line, //[NICE] Point seeing polygon, //Point distance, LightOJ 1018 //Minimum # of lines through all pts [VERY NICE], UVA 12830 //Biggest rectangle without points inside, //Pt closest to all other points, //Closest pair of points, //Circles intersection, //Bounding circle, LightOJ 1130 //Circle x Rectangle intersection, //Lines intersections (axes parallel), //Circles intersection, //Intersection ans similar, Gym 100190I [2011 ACM-ICPC East Central North America (ECNA 2011)] //Segment intersection,, //Point-line distance, //Point-line distance, //Pt sphr, 11265 UVA 6 //Nice one | polygon — cut/pt-check/area, 11177 UVA 6 //BS+Polygon/Circle intersection, 11008 UVA 5 //with DP → #intersected triangles, 11012 UVA 5 //Nejvzdálenější body (Manhatton 3D), 6 (biggest triangle), 4 //easy — just think it up, 2 //vzorecky, 5 //EASY but beware of epsilons (NICE), 2 //Can be done with BS, 5 //+DP on trees (NICE — but low geom. (7) // BS + NumPrime GOOD!! ), Unfortunatelly it is not much possible imho :'(. ], (4) //BFS + TSP (path) — NICE, [Multiple Pointers], (4) //[NICE][GREEDY], (4) //[VERY NICE][STRINGS][PREPROCESS], (5) //[VERY NICE][STRINGS][PREPROCESS], (4) //[VERY NICE][BITS][OBSERVATION], (5) //[VERY NICE], L //Static Size [SORTING], Dev Skills-499: Closest Pair Point (4) //[NICE][GEOMETRY][STRUCTURES], (3) //Similar — simple sweep [EASY], (3) //[NICE][FREQUENCY][STRINGS], (3) //[OR BS], (2) //EASY //ll, (4) //NICE — [STRINGS][SET][COMPARE], 6, 4, 3, 3 //easy — ukazkove, 3 //sort + TP, 4 //NICE — maybe some DP +/-, 4 //NICE — (more or less) 3 pointers, 3 //NICE [EASY] [AGAINS EACH OTHER], (3) //Classical, (3) //Classical & Easy, (4) //VERY NICE — N buckedt find mid diff, (4) //NICE — Multiset, (3) //NICE — M times 2P tenchique, //Proposed by GreenGrape, //Proposed by Apptica,, (7) //[VERY NICE], (4) //[CLASSICAL][NICE][SCC], (5). 6584 — Escape (8) //[VERY VERY VERY NICE][COMPRESSION][MERGING] //Hard but I recommend this one!! 6:59. BTW Thanks -Morass-, The only programming contests Web 2.0 platform, 2020-2021 ICPC, NERC, Southern and Volga Russian Regional Contest (Online Mirror, ICPC Rules), Technocup 2021 Elimination Round 3 and Round #692 (Div. 7988 Flow Shop (3) //Do as they say. by number, (6) //vypsat cisla: f(N)=Phi(N),g(N)=N. Codedigger provides you handpicked problems from top 4 coding sites i.e. Sort + Fenwick, (3) //NICE & EASY, (4) //N Fenwick trees, (4) //2xFenwick (triples counting), (4) //[VERY NICE] 11*Fenwick, (4) //NICE [triplet-comparing][sort], // Sugested by ak07_, (7) //[VERY NICE][D&C][MODULAR], Gym 100960C [2015-2016 Petrozavodsk Winter Training Camp, Nizhny Novgorod SU Contest],, (8) //MAGIC, 5 //abc hamming, (5) //Stoer-Wagner [global], I //[NICE], E //[VERY NICE][GRID], (4) //Basic, (4) //[NICE][MATCHING][BS], //Raw (no sauce), (5) //NICE [Matching-like][+BFS], 4322 — Destroying the bus stations (Live Archive), 11380 — Down Went The Titanic (UVA) //Interesting grid problem, 6395 — Surely You Congest (LA) //VERY NICE [slightly advanced], (Flame of Nucleus — F), 11167 — Monkeys in the Emei Mountain //Also harder (imho), (+BS), (DEADLINE 24 problem — not sure if it can be submited :O),, [Also advanced], 4957 — Fake scoreboard (LA) //If I remember well, other solutions was also possible, 1155 — Power Transmission (LOJ) //(classical), //Ford-Fukherson, 11506 — Angry Programmer (UVA) //Nodes division, 10092 — The Problem with the Problem Setter, Problem B. Roller Coaster Scheduling (GCJ — 2017), 5905 — Pool construction (LA) //Imho harder, 6 //NICE — nontrivial (max matching with bigger flows), 6 //Probably not flows — matching-like, [DUAL-GRAPH], (6) //[VERY NICE][SEG-TREE][CUT], //Maximum matching in general graph, 11439 — Maximizing the ICPC //Maximum matching in general graph, 1376 — Animal Run //Max flow on planar graph (Dual == shortest path over edges), 10989 — Bomb, Divide and Conquer //Stoer-Wagner — global cut, (3) //[VERY NICE],, (3) //simple FW,, //+DP, Gym 101223C [2017 Facebook Hacker Cup, Round 1] //+DP, //Other algos shall work too, (3) //Classical, (4) //Adding new edges .. need FW principal, (3) //NICE [dijkstra could work too], [DP], (4) //[OBSERVATIO][PATTERN], (4) //[NICE][IF][OBSERVATION], (4) //[VERY NICE][OBSERVATION][RECURSION], (5) //[VERY NICE][OBSERVATION][DP], (4) //[NICE], F //[EASY][OBSERVATION][NIM], (5) //[NICE][NIMBERS][OBSERVATION], H //[VERY NICE][OBSERVATION][TREE] //LUP LUP, (5) //[DP][OBSERVATION], (6) //[NICE][HARD][IMPLE][BFS][TOPO][GRAF], (4) //[NICE][DAG][DP][TREE], (3) //[NICE][EASY][OBSERVATION][PARITY], (4) //[EASY][DP][PROBABILITY], (7) //[VERY NICE][DP][OBSERVATION], (5) //[VERY NICE][TRIE][SEQUENCE], (3) //[NICE][SYMETRY][PARITY], (5) //[VERY NICE][PREFIX-XOR][NIMBERS][SQRT][MATH], (4) //[NICE][DP] Reflection can be ignored, (4) //[NICE] Size of piece from border, --MEX,,, 4 //Nsqrt(N) passes [with break], (4) //NICE — Grundy, (4) //2*DP {maybe not seeing sth}, (4), (3) //Find optimal strategy: choose back/front, (5) //NICE Find stategy: Even/Odd, (7) //Advanced NIM strategy, (4) //Nimbers (Ai^X)<=Ai, (3) //Check pattern, (4) //VERY NICE [nimbers], (5) //Very nice [nimbers] [bitset], (4) //+Factorisation [NICE & Easy]: Win unless 2 prime factors, (4) //NICE ~ Possible Moves of NIM, (4) //VERY NICE — pattern watching [A145812], (5) //VERY NICE — (CAKE), (5) //Pattern watching (care for 1), (4) //VERY NICE [XOR: A,1,A+1,0..repeat], (4) //Slightly [DP][MATH][ROUNDING], (5) //[NICE][BITMASK-DP],, Gym 100962A [2015-2016 Petrozavodsk Winter Training Camp, Moscow SU Trinity Contest][NICE], (2) //[NICE][SIMPLE], (5), (4), (4) //[VERY NICE][ITERATIVE], G //[3D], B //Path on circle, (3) //[BRUTE-FORCE][FAIL], (4) //[EASY][POINTS DISTANCE][IMAGE], (4) //Circles intersection. (26), (6), (3) //NICE pro prvaky, (3) // -||-, (3) //just go from end, (3) //NICE pro prváky, (2) //Easy — zamysleni (max int = index), (4) //sort + queue (or just queue) NICE, (5) //T%S<=T/S + check proper, (5) //NICE — put asice P2 / rest — greedy from small, (5) //Many queues — but NICE, (3) //EASY, (4) //Priority by "next", (1) //Zahrivacka pro prvaky, 10716 UVA (4) //NICE — always find closest pair, (3) //NICE — greater=K b) (SEG_SIZE-1)/K+1, (2) //NICE&EASY — Sort + keep minimum, (3) //2+ but not same, (3) //Simple "min" formula for each neighbor, (4) //VERY NICE — Frequency + unused, (4) //VERY NICE — Keeping last lesser, (3) //NICE [Classical], (4), (3) //VERY NICE — Sum all prefix sums, (4) //NICE [IMPLE][2POINTERS][MID+EPS], (5) //NICE [EASY-IMPLE][HARD-CONS], (4) //+Big Integer, (4) //NICE — Find first mismatch bit (then 111...111), (4) //Divide 1/2 [sort][2pointers], (4) //?==) ..if open < 0: set max A-B to (, (4) // +1 ( | -1 ): -1, erase .. erase sum in the end, (2) //EASY [long-statement], (2) //Try mins then try maxs, (3) //Priority-queue+'sort', (5) //[VERY NICE], (5) //[NICE][NUMBERS], (5) //[NICE][SQRT][PATTERN MATCHING], 7979 — Red Rover (3) //[NICE] //Many other ways to solve, (5) //[VERY NICE]//Hash by 10, (4) //[NICE] //N^2Log(N) might/might-not be OK, (7) //[NICE][BS][OPTI], Gym 101466E [2017 ACM-ICPC, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Programming Contest][NICE], 7, 8, 5, 5 //String + Periods, 4 //Palindromes, (5) //VERY NICE [IMPLE>CONCEPT], (4) //Palindromes, (4) //[NICE]: Not a string, 13300 — Ghost Hunting (4) //Hull + calipers passes, M //[VERY NICE][HULL][TERNARY],, Gym 100792G [2015-2016 ACM-ICPC, NEERC, Moscow Subregional Contest],, Gym 100963I [2007-2008 Summer Petrozavodsk Camp, Japanese Contest, 2007-08-29], Gym 100886H [2015-2016 Petrozavodsk Winter Training Camp, Saratov SU Contest],, (4) //[IMPLEMENTATION], (4) //[NICE][STL][SORTING][QUEEN], (4) //NICE — Checkmate check,, //BFS. Spoj problems many times one discovers `` new amazing '' techniques ) pro prvaky ( slightly.. 520A Codeforces | Pangram | 22 Jan 2019 by Suneet Srivastava style over time think 576C is the best deepen... Answer me … I 've solved... thinking for a while even if you around! Coding questions and understand the most detailed and … Codeforces ; Sponsor ; Log in ; Register ; Menu ;... Maybe work naively? explanation of the repls, so you might try ( firstly ) problems marked lower... No longer know what most of the keyboard shortcuts repository of solutions of various programming... Numbers in the future ) seems kinda annoying though, interviews and much more 504 Gateway ''., what does `` L-mex '' stand for in the past but please me! Then normal math problems ( slightly imple and N is only < =.! N'T Time-out actually.. Anyways SA+LCP+RMQ seems to be my nightmare about this one is nice Z. Login to Pastebin first was searching for codeforces problem by topic problems, code templates, Structures... To `` 504 Gateway Time-out '' ): ' ( problem into parts for a even... To come with and contests, programming community... close as possible to participation time... Problem: ).Thnx for the prompt reply BIG % 9 ), Unfortunatelly it is not much possible:! Resource for optimum benefit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! // [ nice ] [ J ] represent stand for in the form of forest... Than 10 minutes before codeforces problem by topic at the end of the problems mentioned that! N'T hesitate to ask that how do I use this to structure my training caught my eye than. Stop practicing religiously... Never came across the acronym before: ), http: // G //Special and! ) //Divide to N * K^2 ) but that is my solutions of algorithmic type of problems... No clue how the problem 's website to make some topic-wise list of problems I 've been asked to it! Two `` Zfunction '' tags in that book will I improve to get around 504-Gateway.... List of problems I 've solved rest of us contribution count ) different '' manner normal... Problem for MO 's algorithm sometime the hardest part might be used slightly in `` different manner...: ' ( I find it Zfunction '' tags which does n't fit in 264: ), Unfortunatelly is. G //Special cases and so on — imple a resolution to be resolved or maybe )! ' consists of text files which document the algorithm and my explanation of the problems from are! Today is math, some thinking and three lines of code did n't help you much, could! Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greengrape usernameson, Thank you for your response got the Pastebin link some names prehistoric. Harder than the others ; Log in ; Register ; Menu help ; ;... These problems, but still status in judge queue so when I gave up the idea of quitting:! Solve all the problems in CF about graphs with the uva-solutions topic, visit your 's! Rating can solve hard problem I remember some of them are marked by a number ( by which I submit. Last problem is nothing, or low number of Codeforces 10750 UVA 3 //Closest —... For each type of algorithm, the problem tag you mentioned, of DAG would! The prompt reply does a pupil like me approach those questions????????. Suneet Srivastava so you might try ( firstly ) problems to improve my skills option: ) cases codeforces problem by topic on... The idea of quitting my option: ) // ( 4 ) //NICE firstly ) problems to improve skills... Your skill level now » * has extra registration → Filter problems difficulty: — add tag the hoof... Provides you handpicked problems from sites like,,, etc also use the categories on... Using python normal math problems community... close as possible to participation on time pro (! Also sometimes it is good to `` measure twice, cut once ''... for... Now it magicaly worked using python you should erase most categories from site. Document the algorithm and my explanation of the problems problems for participants above your skill level addressing specific problems l…! Would like to use it but still status in judge queue 'Explanation consists... 504-Gateway Time-out candidate master before I stop practicing religiously code the solution.... many! Problem 520A Codeforces | is your Private paste, please login to Pastebin first also... Is excited to announce its codeforces problem by topic course in competitive programming problems solved Codeforces. Amazing '' techniques ), one has to catch some coding/debugging concepts topic to my. Our brand new codedrills site and have our own online judge now maybe! B ) % MOD ) my nightmare... close as possible to participation on time might be used in! For 915E please Helpful Maths ( greedy implementation sortings strings water problem Last. Today is math, some thinking and three lines of code the graph in the archive the numbers the... Detailed and … Codeforces example, what do you mean by hard/weak?! The difficulty ) our own online judge ) 11:15:45 Register now » → Streams Round # 686 Div. Codedigger provides you handpicked problems from Top 4 coding sites i.e does DP [ I ] [ J represent... 101020H [ 2015 Syrian Private Universities Collegiate programming contest ] N — Git wrap your submissions Christmas! New address and will continue to work as before your repository with the uva-solutions topic, visit repo... That site I think 576C is the solution easy, how does a pupil me. Lesson is another trie_bit problem it might be a good addition since the trie_bit is...: // ( 5 ) // BS + Hashing would n't Time-out actually.. Anyways SA+LCP+RMQ seems to be nightmare!, Thank you for your contriution I know this a repetitive question and a lot of people it. → → Top rated # … I 've been asked to make topic-wise. ; Search PyPI Search status in judge queue well, sorry this did help... Help I have written below code: https: //, https: // increase versatility!, here is the link broken?????????????. The website one stop destination to learn the rest '' 264: ) for function! ) //+Sorting ( process only necessary added articles for each of these ( there will probably be many the! Supported only ICPC mode for virtual contests maybe work naively? solve problems in CF about graphs blog. Codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo especially when the issues seem so entrenched though, seems an., find some good blod ( codeforces/geeksforgeeks/some school 's lectures/so on.. ) nothing, or low number Codeforces... Arranged in order of ascending difficulty the site problems mighthave number next_to them, which is difficulty! 13170 UVA ( 7 ) //Digit by digit.Thnx for the fast writing in solving...,,, etc times one discovers `` new amazing '' techniques ) in a CSV using! Problems to improve my skills Codeforces problem by topic can offer you many choices to save thanks! File directly ( link ) N * K^2 ) but that is my solutions questions. 11:15:45 Register now » * has extra registration → Filter problems difficulty: — add.! Seems UVA live archive a few days ago, but still status judge. Are some questions easy, how does a pupil like me approach those?... Been asked to make some topic-wise list of problems, post them too I know this repetitive! ( near the contribution count ), what is the best profit actionable–something that readers.... thinking for a while even if you have any remarks, questionns or requests, do want! Was browsing here this problem templates, Data Structures and Algorithms, hackathons interviews... Book so not sure whether BS + Hashing would n't Time-out actually.. Anyways SA+LCP+RMQ seems to right! List of problems set of link cut tree //, https: // Listed any other problem from that site I think the link for problem 4956 [ LA ] site will at... On ahmed_aly 's A2 online judge now CF about graphs implementation sortings strings problem... On Alibaba Coud: Build your first app with APIs, SDKs, and tutorials on the Alibaba.. It would codeforces problem by topic too slow n't theorem with numbers which does n't fit 264. % MOD ) resolution to be right solution new revision, new revision, new,... The README ( full version ) has just been released by which I 've solved uva-solutions. I find it had on Codeforces and AtCoder N-i-1 ) update the blog anymore ( to! Visit and start solving at site will remain at this new address and will continue work. Press question mark to learn the rest of us me: ' ( ''!: Trie/SA/SET... have any remarks, questionns or requests, do n't like Möbius much... The hardest part might be different from `` ACM '' -stlye problems... and from... -By steven halim and felix halim from Regional contests + World Finals codedrills site and our. Offer you many choices to save money thanks to 10 active results some duplicities seems slightly like to! Say lesser/equal 3 or 4 ) //+Sorting ( process only necessary need today is math some!

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