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When the nematocyst is completely developed, the cnidoblast passes outwards so as to occupy a superficial position in the ectoderm, and a delicate protoplasmic process of sensory nature, termed the cnidocil (cn) projects from the cnidoblast like a fine hair or cilium. The finest qualities of our nature, like the bloom on fruits, can be preserved only by the most delicate handling. Poland, in short, came nearer than any kingdom or country of large extent to the nature of an aristocracy, as we have seen aristocracy in the aristocratic cities. All the phenomena, forces and laws of nature, together with mental conceptions, were alike personified. Violence and command weren't second nature to Darkyn; they were his first. We are conscious of an animal in us, which awakens in proportion as our higher nature slumbers. The Rules for the Direction of the Mind, The Search for Truth by the Light of Nature, and other unimportant fragments, published (in Latin) in 1701. She would say, when speaking of the growth of a plant, "Mother Nature sends the sunshine and the rain to make the trees and the grass and the flowers grow.". I awoke to an answered question, to Nature and daylight. The riotous luxuriance of tropical Nature triumphed over the glories of Art, hewn with incalculable toil and skill in the living rock. Descartes began with the certainty that we are thinking beings; that region remains untouched; but up to its very borders the mechanical explanation of nature reigns unchecked. These first unscientific ideas of a genesis of the permanent objects of nature took as their pattern the process of organic reproduction and development, and this, not only because these objects were regarded as personalities, but also because this particular mode of becoming would most impress these early observers. of a sentence. in a sentence. Or, to state this as a theistic argument: we are bound to postulate a God who overrules Critique nature for moral ends. The rest of the island is occupied in great part by ranges of moderately elevated hills, on which are found extensive woods of ancient pines, planted by the hand of nature. When the nature and effect of ecological factors have become more fully understood, it will be possible to dispense with the above artificial classification of factors, and to frame one depending on the action of the various factors; but such a classification is not possible in the present state of knowledge. The speed of these two motions depends much on the length of the span and of the longitudinal run, and on the nature of the work to be done; in certain cases, e.g. I go to the closest, largest nature preserve that doesn't allow people in after dusk, and wait it out. The true nature of the relationship was first recognized by Pfeffer in 1877, but few cases were known till recent years. Nature is an endless combination and repetition of a very few laws. Examples of human nature in a sentence, how to use it. C. Oersted's work entitled The Soul in Nature (Eng. They were unanimous in rejecting the episcopacy of the Church of Rome, the sanctity of celibacy, the sacerdotal character of the ministry, the confessional, the propitiatory nature of the mass. ' Neither the tunny nor the coral fishery is carried on by the Sardinians themselves, who are not sailors by nature; the former is in the hands of Genoese and the latter of Neapolitans. Abbott [Christianity supernatural and divine, but not miraculous], Through Nature to Christ (1877), The Kernel and the Husk (1886), The Spirit on the Waters (1897), &c., or A. Bushnell (in Nature and the Supernatural). "You cannot die by his hand or the hand of nature," Wynn said carefully. His image and name are often found on "votive hands," a kind of talisman adorned with emblems, the nature of which is obscure. The million-gallon harvest of nature's heated waters was a major tourist attraction. Such are the " guard-polyps " (machopolyps) of Plumularidae, which are often regarded as individuals of the nature of dactylozoids, but from a study of the mode of budding in this hydroid family Driesch concluded that the guard-polyps were not true polyp-individuals, although each is enclosed in a small protecting cup of the perisarc, known as a nematophore. Tell me something that Father Nature does. On the other hand, ecological plant geography seeks to ascertain the distribution of plant communities, such as associations and formations, and enquires into the nature of the factors of the habitat which are related to the distribution of plantsplant forms, species, and communities. The necessity in the world's order is regarded by the Stoics as identical with the divine reason, and this idea is used as the basis of a teleological and optimistic view of nature. The old canal park is popular among nature enthusiasts and off-road cyclists. The 19th day is supposed to have had its sacred nature as the 49th day from the commencement of the preceding month, assuming that to have had 30 days. But then he pictured his beautiful wife, her unfailingly sweet and kind nature, and refused his mind's picture of her kneeling there in the snow, calmly sawing Shipton's rope until it parted, plunging him to his bloody death. A sentence to life Igor Teper 1 Nature volume 477, page 126 (2011)Cite this article 493 Accesses 11 Altmetric Metrics details Subjects Arts Pet project. The only other part of the northern frontier of Italy where the boundary is not clearly marked by nature is Tirol or the valley of the Adige. In all his travels he studied only the phenomena of nature and human life. Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself. Thus in the perfection of man, as in the nature of God, will and intellect must be united. Now there are nature stories, medicine and everything like that. A comfortable house for a rude and hardy race, that lived mostly out of doors, was once made here almost entirely of such materials as Nature furnished ready to their hands. 1 Considerations philosophiques sur la gradation naturelle des formes de l'etre; ou les essais de la nature qui apprend d faire l'homme (1768). Through all his Stoical training Aurelius preserved the natural sweetness of his nature. The investigations of Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay had shown that indifference to chemical reagents did not sufficiently characterize an unknown gas as nitrogen, and it became necessary to reinvestigate other cases of the occurrence of "nitrogen" in nature. v.): In all cases there are two factors, the nature of the organism, which is much the most important of the two, and the nature of the conditions. Restoring the essential condition of relation between those who command and those who execute, we find that by the very nature of the case those who command take the smallest part in the action itself and that their activity is exclusively directed to commanding. Of this nature are the neutral points, where the polarization changes character, observed by F. The nature of these structures has been much disputed. 88. Such perceptions dispose the mind to pursue what nature dictates as useful. From this point of view the processes of nature from the inorganic up to the most complex of the organic become stages in the self-realization of nature. It's strange, but I've learned from Darkyn not to be ashamed of my nature. Examples of Nature in a sentence The refreshing nature hike was just what I needed to become energized and happy. A calendar is a chart or device which displays the date and the day of the week , and often the whole of a particular year divided up into months , weeks, and days. This change could have occurred in nature; given enough monkeys and typewriters, it would eventually occur in nature. Police officers by nature sometimes use black humor to relieve stress, His Philosophy of Nature - one of the least admired parts of his system - is the answer from his point of view to Kant's assertion that a " perceptive understanding " is for us impossible. Molybdenum occurs in nature chiefly as the minerals molybdenite (MoS 2) and wulfenite (PbMo04), and more rarely as molybdic ochre (Moos) and ilsemannite; it also occurs in many iron ores. This constitution of the great mass of the central Apennines has in all ages exercised an important influence upon the character of this portion of Italy, which may be considered as divided by nature into two great regions, a cold and barren upland country, bordered on both sides by rich and fertile tracts, enjoying a warm but temperate climate. Such a man has some right to fish, and I love to see nature carried out in him. By this means the very name of this god expressed the essential oneness of his nature with that of the divine spirit as whose manifestation he was to be considered. The foreign monarch was astonished, and, at the request of Theodoric, Boetius had to prepare others of a similar nature, which were sent as presents to Gunibald. He argues, from the principle quicquid est in effectibus esse et in causis, that the elements and the whole world have sensation, and thus he appears to derive the organic part of nature out of the so-called " inorganic.". Human nature ethics is a form of ethical theory that relies on examining human nature in order to come to ethical conclusions. Each monad works out necessary results, but these flow from its own nature; and so in a sense it is free. In the yeast cell the nucleus is represented by a homogenous granule, probably of a nucleolar nature, surrounded and perhaps to some extent impregnated by chromatin and closely connected with a vacuole which often has chromatin at its periphery, and contains one or more volutin granules which appear to consist of nucleic acid in combination with an unknown base. In one of his letters, speaking of how God in every way tells us of His love, he says, "I think he writes it even upon the walls of the great house of nature which we live in, that he is our Father.". P. Joule to achieve; his experiments conclusively prove that heat and energy are of the same nature, and that all other forms of energy can be transformed into an equivalent amount of heat. She couldn't imagine an upbringing with no parents, a clan of brothers who hated him, and no ability to change his nature. It is not in his nature to be serious and responsible. The modus operandi is briefly as follows: The position of the fracture is determined by electrical tests from both ends, with more or less accuracy, depending on the nature of the fracture, but with a probable error not exceeding a few miles. More reserve is being shown towards the other or " nature" miracles. Turning now to outgrowths of a woody nature, the well-known burrs or knaurs, so common on elms and other trees are cases in point. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself. The grim nature of police work can wear on the psyche. The element occurs widely and abundantly distributed in nature both in the free state and in combination. The building and handling of vessels also, and the utilization of such uncontrollable powers of nature as wind and tide, helped forward mechanical invention. E.G. This couldn't happen in nature (or, more precisely, could in theory, but is extremely unlikely). changing nature in a sentence English words and Examples of use Example Sentences for "changing nature" This reflects the changing nature of communications and technology. We find in nature two other unlike substances, marble and Iceland spar, each of which is wholly composed of carbon dioxide and lime. The of the evolution of the ganglioncells is probably similar; an epithelial cell develops processes of nervous nature from the base, which come into connexion with the bases of the sensory cells, with the muscular cells, and with the similar processes of other nerve-cells; next the nerve-cell loses its connexion with the outer epithelium and becomes a sub-epithelial ganglion-cell which is closely connected with the muscular layer, conveying stimuli from the sensory cells to the contractile elements. I do not see how he can ever die; Nature cannot spare him. As soon as the breath of evening does not suffice longer to preserve them, then the nature of man does not differ much from that of the brute. While most of the shit we learn in school is useless, this lesser-known literary maneuver is wildly powerful for the entrepreneur, marketer, writer and snow cone vendor looking to sell like hell with the written word.. There is thus a considerable body of evidence to support Bowers view of the primitive nature of the sporophyll. God, he says, is to be regarded not as an absolute but as an Infinite Person, whose nature it is that he should realize himself in finite persons. See more. The view peculiar to him is reached in the end as the crowning conception towards which all separate channels of thought have tended, and in the light of which the life of man in nature and mind, in the individual and in society, had been surveyed. There has been a renewed activity in the study of existing forms from the point of view of obtaining evidence as to the nature and origin of species. Laymen may read the book of nature, and Man himself is the most important " leaf " in it. Locke had spent some years in Holland, the country of Grotius, who, with help from other great lawyers, and under a misapprehension as to the meaning of the Roman jus gentium, shaped modern concepts of international law by an appeal to law of nature. The existence of syncytia constitutes an exception to the cell-theory. To Aristotle the whole of nature is instinct with a vital impulse towards some higher manifestation. Sentence Structure Pronoun Reference Pronoun Reference: Quiz 1 Time limit: 0 Quiz Summary 0 of 15 questions completed Questions: Information You have already completed the quiz before. Nature to Hegel is the idea in the form of hetereity; and finding itself here it has to remove this exteriority in a progressive evolution towards an existence for itself in life and mind. We both saw something in him that she didn't. He went on to add judiciously that elevation changed Mother Nature's rules about the weather every few hundred feet. 2. It calmed her to recall how beautiful and different nature was at night. They do not represent the opinions of Sulphur is of an oily and fiery nature; in combination with salt by its fiery nature it arouses a desire in the latter by means of which it attracts mercury, seizes it, holds it, and in combination produces other bodies. In discussing nutrition, not only is there little agreement on the nature of the solutions, there is often disagreement on the nature of the problems. The town of Ouray was so oblivious to these frequent winter gifts from Mother Nature that snow caused not a hitch in the local activities. A further stage in evolution is that the muscle-cells lose their connexion with the epithelium and come to lie entirely beneath it, forming a sub-epithelial contractile layer, developed chiefly in the tentacles of the polyp. And Dad, worn out from working the farm all day; disgruntled by years of fighting a losing battle with nature - of never having enough money to take care of his family properly. It is not in your nature to care for anything beyond you, she said, frown deepening. P. Marsh in Man and Nature, or Physical Geography as modified by Human Action (London, 1864). Cannibalism seems also to have sometimes been in the nature of a funeral observance, in honour of the deceased, of whom the relatives reverently ate portions. This conception of an immanent spontaneous evolution is applied alike both to nature and to mind and history. She missed nature in the time she'd been in Hell. The Three Sermons also point to a moral argument for theism, but forbear to press it (Sermon ii. Useful and suggestive as they often are, teratological facts played, at one time, too large a part in the framing of morphological theories; for it was thought that the monstrous form gave a clue to the essential nature of the organ assuming it. Then why would she have done something against her nature? How long you've known the person, their personality and temperament, how comfortable you feel divulging problems of a personal nature like this, as well as the nature of the relationship are just some of the factors to consider when asking for advice in this matter. The cells not only fuse together in longitudinal and transverse rows, but put out transverse projections, which fuse with others of a similar nature, and thus form an anastomosing network of tubes which extends to all parts of the plant. This section has three parts. It must further be noticed that the rise of mercenaries was synchronous with a change in the nature of Italian despotism. Grisebach declined to see anything in such forms but the production by nature of that which responds to external conditions and can only exist as long as they remain unchanged. Sentence and Word Structure Example Sentences Science … 'min': 8.50, You can get a certain insight into human It would generate new ideas about the nature of musicality, the role of music in education and its general role in societies, like the … The influence of an advancing study of nature, which was stimulated if not guided by Bacon's writings, is seen in the more careful doctrines of materialism worked out almost simultaneously by Hobbes and Gassendi. 11 -19) the conference reaffirmed strongly the necessity for definite Christian teaching in schools, "secular systems" being condemned as "educationally as well as morally unsound, since they fail to co-ordinate the training of the whole nature of the child" (Res. The the cities charters were of the nature of a treaty between the in the citynd its feudal lord and the differed much in Nether Y, Y lands. the elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals, or rivers: The abandoned power plant was reclaimed by nature, covered in overgrowth and home to feral animals. Everything in nature has its uses. What has such a thing to do with the origin of human volitions, or the, Let us look at it a little more closely, and examine the, This fact of our consciousness it is not in the power of sophistry wholly to conceal, nor in the power of human, It would have been the spontaneous and irresistible development of the, The solution of this problem, says he, is effected by means of the "privative, We are now prepared to see, in a clear light, the sophistical, But if it had any concreated dispositions at all, they must be either right or wrong, either agreeable or disagreeable to the, Fortunately, every one of them has a wife, and in the hearts of our women the better feelings of human, We can't help it, we men; we are built that way; it is the, The author, indeed, endeavours to explain why it is, that the scheme of necessity seems to be inconsistent with the, Such an idea of personal identity is as utterly unintelligible as the, He had not the strength to write the masterpiece which the perverse cruelty of, This seems to be a great mistake of certain theologians, who pay more attention to the coherency of their system than to the light of, Patricia thought she caught a flavor of sarcasm in the last name, but instantly decided that it was her own suspicious, We are aware of what may be said in favour of such a mode of viewing subjects of this kind, as well as of the. nature comes out when It`s nice :) What is an example of simile? Let us spend one day as deliberately as Nature, and not be thrown off the track by every nutshell and mosquito's wing that falls on the rails. It would have been well if Kossuth had had something more of Gdrgei's calculated ruthlessness, for, as has been truly said, the revolutionary power he had seized could only be held by revolutionary means; but he was by nature soft-hearted and always merciful; though often audacious, he lacked decision in dealing with men. 6 There must be a cause for nature, but particularly for the idea of perfection in us - that cause must be God. By nature in a sentence. If Rhyn can learn to overcome his nature, she can to. Nature (says Zeller) is to Hegel a system of gradations, of which one arises necessarily out of the other, and is the proximate truth of that out of which it results. Every deity has a different nature and source for their magic. It was in his nature to take command, and yet he felt overwhelmed by what had happened. Of a far more complicated nature than these offerings are the Soma-sacrifices, which, besides the simpler ceremonies of this class, such as the Agnishtoma or "Praise of Agni," also include great state functions, such as the Rajasuya or consecration of a king, and the Asvamedha or horse-sacrifice, which, in addition to the sacrificial rites, have a considerable amount of extraneous, often highly interesting, ceremonial connected with them, which makes them seem to partake largely of the nature of public festivals. Hegelianism attempts to squeeze all life into the categories of logic: Aristotelianism deals with "things in general" and ignores the radical distinction between nature and spirit. It may be inquired what meaning is to be attached to these expressions, and what are the conditions and the nature of the changes assumed by them. The formaldehyde at once undergoes a process of condensation oi- polymerization by the protoplasm of the plastid, while the hydrogen peroxide is said to be decomposed into water and free oxygen by another agency in the cell, of the nature of one of the enzymes of which we shall speak later. As a painter of nature she has much in common with Wordsworth. The above statements, though correct as far as they go, are an imperfect account of the nature of the radiation from a coupled antenna, but a mathematical treatment is required for a fuller explanation. Again, perhaps, Nature will try, with me for a first settler, and my house raised last spring to be the oldest in the hamlet. The period of the revival of learning, which was also that of a renewed study of nature, is marked by a considerable amount of speculation respecting the origin of the universe. Secondly: from the discrepancy between the pure abstract law of self-consistent reason and the pleasuretinged nature of man, we infer or postulate Immortality. The Nature of the Organization of Ilte Plant, and the Relations of the Cell-Membrane and the Protoplasm.This view of the structure of the plant and this method of investigation lead us to a greatly modified conception of its organization, and afford more completely an explanation of the peculiarities of form found in the vegetable kingdom. A diplomat by nature, he had long served in the peacekeeping capacity among his brothers, before he was rendered dead-dead seven months before. Gassendi distinctly argues against the existence of a world-soul or a principle of life in nature. The response made by the adult parts of plants, to which reference has been made, is brought about by a mechanism similar in nature though rather differently applied. The doctrine of " Emboitement " is contained in the Considerations sur le principe de vie (1705); the preface to the Theodicee (1710); and the Principes de la nature et de la grace (§ 6) (1718). Damian's nature was not like Darian's and their father's, but he'd shouldered the responsibility to protect humanity and battle the Black God without question. Whatever the obligations of the state towards the ecclesiastical society may be in pure theory, in practice they become more precise and stable when they assume the nature of a bilateral convention by which the state engages itself with regard to a third party. Its nature may differ widely according to the causes which have led to the establishment of the distinction between family and family in each particular case. It is no "fugitive and cloistered virtue" that Aurelius seeks to encourage; on the contrary, man must lead the "life of the social animal," must "live as on a mountain"; and "he is an abscess on the universe who withdraws and separates himself from the reason of our common nature through being displeased with the things which happen.". the ecosystem, the natural environment, virgin ground, unmodified species, laws of nature. His father's nature showed itself in Pierre. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. The town of Ouray was so oblivious to these frequent winter gifts from Mother Nature that snow caused not a hitch in the local activities. By nature it is a sun-steeped southern region, the home of the vine and olive, of the minstrelsy of the Provençal and the exuberance of Tartarin, distinct from the colder and more sober north. He’s interested in human nature. Occupation. He decides that human actions are caused or determined by the nature of the agent, but that, ' as man is not a necessary being, his actions are contingent. Use real, simple examples to better understand nature and improve your vocabulary. nature. In the cases where the observations were confined to a few months the representative nature of the results is more doubtful. The most important of these are the greater tolerance by the African animal of sunlight, and the hard nature of its food, which consists chiefly of boughs and roots. The amount of it is, the imagination give it the least license, dives deeper and soars higher than Nature goes. Nature exists over against Him; but its forces or processes are His own power in immediate exercise, except in so far as God has.

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