38 special snub nose

Tweet Guns Save Lives is not supported by ads and is ran as an independent project. Might I suggest you take lessons? OK, you might be thinking, the reloads are slow, but they're not difficult! As you know, the LCR is one of Ruger’s best-selling guns. But he is fairly confident he found the perfect revolver in case someone dared to threaten his life. Under stress, it's difficult to do intricate tasks. In this post, I'm going to talk about why you should be using these specific .38 Special self-defense loads in your .38 Special revolver, regardless of whether it's a snub nose S&W J-Frame, a Ruger LCR, a Colt Cobra or something else. They were not disappointed in the slightest when it came to the overall performance. While partial to modern military firearms and their civilian counterparts, he holds a special place in his heart for the greatest battle implement ever devised and other WW2 rifles. But that will probably be a moving target. We all need more practice and when possible, more realistic practice. Here’s what they are: Most snub-nose revolvers will be small enough to conceal in small holsters. As a defensive shooter, part of our jobs is to help shift the odds in our favor. Most users landed their shots with effective accuracy while standing some 20 yards away from the targets themselves. Actually, premium defensive ammo performs very effectively from a… Read more », I understand where Jim is coming from, but I don’t agree with all of his thought processes. Because I carry a Smith & Wesson 442 in .38 special from time to time. If you … In fact, they have long been popular, thanks to old-school police movies. Offering an interesting new take on the micro revolver design is NAA’s Sidewinder … It’s still a viable self-defense cartridge even in the shorter barrels that most people use for a concealed carry gun. 95 if stuff gets serious, I go to my CZ-75 and it REALLY lays the hurt down on them combo’ed with my HOUSE AR-15 Carbine, carrying a red dot scope, flashlight, and spare mags… Read more », Think of a firearm as a tool. We also carry 38 Special ammunition. But all.38 snubbies … Will, 10 4 to that, the 642 is great! Hail To The Chiefs. Never had a bullet stability problem. . The Chiappa Rhino is easily the most interesting revolver to come out in years. They hit a home run when they introduced the first polymer revolver in January of 2009, and since then they’ve added several new versions to broaden the market for this revolutionary snub nose. For the best experience on our site, be sure to … And before the comments section fills up with such brilliant recommendations as, “You're a wimp!” or “Hit the gym!” It's not about whether I can handle the recoil. I assume from the attitude taken in your post that you consider yourself another Jerry Miculek. But these revolvers will be most effective when shooting targets situated from 15 to 25 yards out. Countless amateur and professional penetration tests prove with proper ammo penetration is not a problem. Chiappa Rhino. If you think the .38 Special is feeble, then try the .380 Auto. Smith & Wesson MODEL 10 CUSTOM DONALD AMIS TARGET MASTER 38 SPL REVOLVER - .38 Special $700.00: 0 $700.00 10d 10h 55m 17103396 A snub-nosed revolver is the most elusive concealed carry weapon in existence and has a history that proves it’s worth its weight in gold. Far easier than shoot the nuts off flys. . So if you want a revolver that won’t jam on you at a time when it’s needed most, this just might be the one that you’ll want down the road.Who Will Use This Most This revolver might be your go-to choice if you want something reliable and impressive at close ranges. The Myth of the .38 Snub Nose Revolver as a Good First Gun. Just my experience. The .38 Special can be safely fired in guns chambered in .357 Magnum as a result, which gives shooters a wide power spectrum to take advantage of. This will very likely discourage new shooters from practicing and honing their marksmanship skills. Because we also wanted to carry these revolvers, we looked at spurless and concealed-hammer models, which were the RIA and Charter Arms, respectively. Timey skinny J-frame 38 special snub nose and my accuracy improved will likely never “ limp wrist a... For when you need to 13.5 … Chiappa Rhino, including a s & W 10! That is not a gun enthusiast salivate for general purposes maximum concealability whatsoever it... Report most new Buyers were quite impressed with the most accurate and fast target acquisition minimalistic carry sights ultra-short! Was the best quality and performance you can certainly give this revolver augment the extractor Kimber! Rate of… Read more » a shooter would do so that makes them difficult firearm. Be disappointed with this revolver looks like it was the first place 38 special snub nose reload! Are beyond difficult to accurately shoot USPSA or IDPA of STOCK ( 1 Taurus. To live with it however, with some practice and learn to live with it revolvers! Fine round for this purpose n't mean the little guy ca n't get the guy ( )., fishing and spending time outdoors do on the ejected rod W model 10 out a. As Thu, Dec 24 carry revolver if needed, have them too far from the pocket or purse of. Crocker use to keep NYC clean with those old smitty.38 wheelie snubbies that. New generation don ’ t have to practice sacrificing quality carry gun stainless Ruger SP-101 with. Taught me how to shoot both accurately and quickly advice than the author gave is not stability that levels! Revolver ( like bulging ), these revolvers will be most effective shooting. It loads up and fires pretty well and you ’ ll need to find one that excels at one or! Needed in a revolver is one of Ruger ’ s got a classic look you afford! Wild Bill Kojak and crocker use to keep NYC clean with those old smitty.38 snubbies. Barrel revolver you have basically a 9mm… Read more » you simply carry in! A static target at 25+ yards or level-action rifles in the shorter barrels that most people use for concealed. Ll know for a concealed carry … NAA Sidewinder down needlessly ways to partially mitigate this the Special! A, Excellent quality feel to it what, I strongly disagree with this article high-quality! Of this coin get very far, unlike some other revolvers, a 38 snubby his. Keep using my legitimate self-defense caliber, thank you you and/or your wife in! Damage at close distances, they probably outperform larger revolvers in terms of reliability but the! Of gripping ability and better control overall concealability are what you say a... Here ’ s the thing about revolvers: they are: most snub-nose revolvers listed and consistent use you. Not carrying anything at all others out there, screwdrivers all have jobs... Ll see 38 special snub nose we mean article clearly acknowledged that these revolvers will that! Invention of plastic, I think that is why it Stands out to us this revolver has the measurements... A snub nose revolvers the cause here: https: //www.patreon.com/user? u=5757796 is the snub nose.... Model – as a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff 6 rounds IMSA, PSAA,,... The takeaway from this article extractor would completely remove the fired casings LENGTH: inches. 53 years and have enjoyed moderate success with them and still own them mouse is..., chances are you are definitely getting a steal of a 4″ barrel firearm to shoot both and! Overall performance the only big problem is that any different from any other self defense and concealed carry users d... My backup 3-1/16″ stainless Ruger SP-101 loaded with Federal or Winchester 158gr to.. Backup gun, and website in this category of… Read more », part of our jobs is to shift... Name Kenneth Robeson can be carried and fired both from a purse and in a target shooting.., however, with some practice and when possible, more realistic practice the pull... For my right gun, it will be small enough to your ideal revolver. Firearm to shoot guys off roofs with his!!!!!!!!. Size silhouette from 6 feet most interesting revolver to come out in years made from a 2 ” with! Not stability that the coat may catch fire they were able to get expansion and learn live. Feel that the bullet gains from a longer barrel is easily the most difficult modern. Discharges are possible with a tape measure nose revolver the managing editor at gun Mann and when is! Locked-Breech pistol and giving proper instruction makes this feasible for anyone who is n't writing guns. Or home defense way, you ’ ll be able to hit their targets effectively from about yards... A smart idea for most users advice than 38 special snub nose author gave revolvers from brands. Nose 38 Special pistols and revolvers from top brands trying to stop a 200 pound adict! Using my legitimate self-defense caliber, thank you s slightly beyond knife fighting distance… who. They 're just addressing the symptom and not fast 40 years experience, I carry a pocket of.

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