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I mean we can’t have both the lease cost and the depreciation/interest cost in the P/L. I must commend your simple writing style devoid of all confusing technical jargons! Kindly advise how concession agreement should be accounted for by the landlord. Hi Riaan, Hi Anna, Thanks for the answer, I have not been able to find an answer as of yet. IFRS 16 specifies how an IFRS reporter will recognise, measure, present and disclose leases. 1.1 IFRS 16 provides two optional recognition and measurement exemptions: • for short-term leases • for leases for which the underlying asset is of low value. In the accounting entries proposed, how would you address the entries generated by the normal process of payment when you commit to the rental and then pay the invoices? Question 1: if I debit my Plant and Equipment (“PPE”) and credit my hire-purchase/finance lease payable, would this seem strange? This transition method specifically requires that prepaid or accrued lease payments are adjusted against the ROU asset on transition date (IFRS 16, paragraph C8(b)(ii)). Since under IFRS 16 Operating lease was eliminated in Accounting for lessee. Where we need to book liability (IAS 37). In above two places I hope you mentioned about “Honorius Contract”. I think more people would appreciate the answer. The reason is that “market” or business become concentrated into the hands of few multinational groups who play under their own rules. I am curious to know how it would be presented and disclosed in a set of annual financial statements. The lease contract is very simple - it is 12months contract for rent of offices and car park with monthly invoice and payment of £1,700 per month and deposit of £1,500 (paid 3 years ago as lease is renewed every year). should we charge Depreciation and interest? Redefines commonly used financial metrics. The rental expense of $30,000 would be deductible for income tax purpose if it is accounted for as operating leases under previous accounting standard on leases, IAS 17. The annual lease payments are $100,000 payable at the end of each year. The amendment would apply to covid-19-related rent concessions that reduce lease payments due in 2020. The standard is vague with regards to this. However, let me remind you that you will NOT show the land itself in your balance sheet. CU 1 429 relates to the cleaning element. And yes, you need to account for operating leases in the same way. IAS 17 does not have any limitation (except for almost the same scope limitations as in IFRS 16) apart from the fact that it will be superseded in 2019, so you will have to apply IFRS 16. Currently the lease is for $200 per month paid monthly on the 1st of each month, now we need to apply IFRS 16. Not an easy thing, especially when the stand-alone selling prices are not readily available. Is there some element other than lease element? The Deferred Rent ASC 842 Solution. I will make another Q&A session on this topic. do I recognize this like a lease incentive and offset from commencement date? THanks, How would we link this new standard to the conceptual framework principles, Would it be a fair presentation of operating leases to the users of statements. How this will be treated, i will take the same example used by you above. In January 2016, IASB issued another important and long-discussed standard: IFRS 16 Leases that will replace IAS 17. Please check your inbox to confirm your subscription. NEW: Online Workshops – US GAAP, IFRS and other, how to account for finance and operating leases by the lessee. “…but frankly – who, except for auditors, ever reads the notes to the financial statements?” You At the end of each year, you simply book the rental expense of CU 10 000 in profit or loss. See, I also think that they make some things complicated sometimes and I’m guessing whether lots of estimates and judgements in the accounting is actually good for the clarity of the reporting. Lessee is responsible for providing driver and fuel only. Automobile. Can I account this amount as a current asset? But would like to ask, in practice/real life, where do we get the discount rate to calculate the lease? what about hire purchase? So reporting of land will stay according to IAS 17? If the lessee intends to use the option to purchase the asset at the end of the lease term, then you need to depreciate over its economic life. Under IAS 17 straight-lining, a asset or liability will sitting in the balance sheet. The mechanics that FASB prescribed in ASC 842 are much more complicated than ASC 840. S. As per IAS 17, We have recognized advance payment lease as an non current asset and lease rent equivocations (deferred lease rent. I need a clarification on lease payments where total lease rentals have been paid upfront. What we do we onerous lease provision recognised at the date of transition under modified retro. Accordingly, the comment period on the proposal is short—14 days. Under new IFRS 16, you need to assess whether these contracts contain lease as defined in IFRS 16. The present value is calculated as 8571*1/(1,05^3)+8571*1/(1,05^2)+8571*1/1,05 – these 1/(1,05^3) etc. Your article is very helpful. The scope of IFRS 16 is broadly similar to IAS 17 in that it applies to contracts meeting the definition of a lease (see Section 3. I take it that under IFRS16, both lease and asset will be classified as long term assets since it will over 12 months anyways. 3.1 Recording the asset. Any lease with a purchase option The tenure of the agreement can be extended at both parties consent.The bank has no intention to discontinue the branch operations in near future. If there exist a fair value for a leases accounted for as a finance lease, then what if the Present Value calculated result in difference much more than the fair value? Following IFRS 16, paragraph 27 and ASC 842-10-15-35, it will reduce the lease liability and right-of-use asset value. I will stop here, as this post is longer than I expected, but if you have some ideas or remarks on whether and how the new standard can affect your company, please let us know below in the comments. IFRS 16.C3–C4 On transition to the new standard, companies can choose whether to: – apply the new definition of a lease to all of their contracts; or – apply a practical expedient to ‘grandfather’ their previous assessment of which existing contracts are, or contain, leases. Modified retrospective method #1 – Adjust ROU asset. Your example above made the subject very understandable, However i have a query where with mutual understanding both lessor and lessee agree to vacate the place without any more liabilities at both end. Whether separation of elements is applicable for both lessor and lessee? Do we leave it as an expense in the income statement or do we still have to do all the journals as per IFRS16 to get it onto the balance sheet. Silvia, first of all, I highly appreciate your efforts. IFRS 16 Leases: What are the Changes and How are Businesses Responding. I’ll show you how in the next paragraphs. the entity purchase an assets, the ownership (both legal and accounting, ie. 1. security deposit – nonrefundable. It should not be reported in balance sheet as long as it is not appreciable. cr. First of all thank you so much for your help . Hi Silvia, Thank you, John Please I am very interested in the response to Riaan’s question. Kindly assist. This can be implemented through IFRS16 and for that reason employer will be the lessor and finance company will be the Lessee. When adopting the new accounting standards, ASC 842 and IFRS 16, the cumulative deferred rent balance under ASC 840 and IAS 17 is treated as a finance adjustment to the Right-of-Use (ROU) Asset balance sheet. Apart from being an accountant I like investing in my spare time and I definitely read notes to financial statements of a company I do a research on.. Hi Shiva, Entity A enters into a 10-year lease for a 2,000 sq meters of office space. It is difficult to identify from your notes in ifrsbox but what would you do if the company is paying the lease of the car (invoice issued to company) of some employees and then the lease amounts are deducted from the salary of the employees? lease treatment, and you discovered the following lease terms: S. IASB seems to define ‘low-value’ lease as those have a value of 5000 dollars or less, saw it on IFRS 16, I am not sure about this. Does the conceptual or theoretical factors for these In this case you need to calculate the present value of 3 payments of CU 8 571 (only lease element) at 5%, which is CU 23 341”. International Financial Reporting Standards Transition to IFRS 16 Kathryn Donkersley, Technical Manager, IASB Patrina Buchanan, Associate Director, IASB We entered into a five year lease on Jan. 1, 2020 with annual rentals payable on Jan. 1 of each year. Quick question though, If i made all my operating lease contracts to be under one year, I wouldn’t have to bother much about IFRS 16 right?! IFRS 16 is silent on the treatment of VAT, sales tax and similar taxes levied on lease payments (all those taxes will now be referred to as ‘VAT’). S. hi, could you please clarify, if we recognise FRS 16 impact in FY2019 (both ROU and lease liability), However, in subsequent year, (FY2020), we have early terminate the tenancy. When reporting can the liability be off-set from the right of use asset? My second question is when i enter into a new contract with the lessee and pay a deposit, do i include the deposit on the straight lining ? Is there any change regarding journal entries. c. Should I consider a one year contract with non-cancellable period of two months with option to continue/terminate as lease contract? How do IFRS-16 apply to sale and leaseback transaction specially for lessee? Real estate leases pose many practical accounting challenges for tenants – the underlying asset has a high value, lease terms can be long, discount rates can . A contract can be … thank you, this is a very interesting comment. also after payment if the ownership has been transferred to the buyer then lessor can show it as profit and de-recognized it as a sale . As an auditor , how should we treat with this situation? Lease of land will still be reported as operating, aren’t I right? Yes, it works in most cases. Accounting for leases by lessors almost does not change, so they can continue in the same way. Rent is commonly paid in advance, being due on the first day of that month covered by the rent … S. As you have mentioned that there are two exceptions, in the second exception how can we decide whether the asset has a low value since it is based on judgement.. Hi Lakshitha, Please see the explanation above. S. Dear Silvia Leases are ‘capitalised’ by recognising the present value of the lease payments and showing them either as lease assets (right-of-use assets) or together with property, plant and equipment. Very shortly: This model is very similar to the accounting for finance leases under IAS 17. In this situation, will you account them as ROU or PPE? S. Hi Silvia, We did it above: This simple table illustrates our example: Note: “b/f” means “brought forward (at the beginning of the year)”, “c/f” means “carried forward (at the end of the year)”. Thanks again. IFRS 16 changes the definition of a lease and provides new guidance on applying the definition. application; and, (b) adjust the leaseback right-of-use asset for any deferred gains or losses that relate to off-market terms recognised in the I cannot say based on the monthly expense – you need to look at the value of an underlying asset and assess. S. Thanks for the added clarification, Silvia. You book all the leases the same way, with small exceptions. I covered all of this in my IFRS Kit with very detailed explanations. Well, the question was asked in 2016 when IAS 17 has been in place and I assumed no one had implemented IFRS 16 yet. does the Lessee depreciate it? The example suggests that the in­cen­tives relating to the leasehold im­prove­ments and not related to the leased asset, placing it outside the scope of IFRS 16. S. Your posts are very informative and easy to understand. I have a question about lease of land. S. How would I account for leases of land with a life of 99 years? So what is the difference between IAS 37 and ITFS 16 in above senario?? Hi Silvia, Appreciate your efforts in making it simple for users. In this cases how do we determine the lease period which will be used for the calculation of the RoU and Lease liability? The reason is that IFRS 16 prescribes a single model of accounting for every lease for the lessees. An asset shall be depreciated and a liability amortized over the lease term. Do we “eliminate” the same amout as the total sum of depreciation and intrest ending up with just a reclassification of part of the costs or are we supposed to remove the lease costs in total (and which account should then be used as “counter part”) and only have the depreciation/interest elements left in P/L? The corresponding debit would increase the value of the capitalized asset you book when the leases transition from Operating to Finance on the balance sheet. Good examples and illustrations then I receive lots of e-mails asking me to up. Residual balances reported in two balance sheet as long term lease payable in the balance sheet lease first if... Clarity on IFRS16 measure right-to-use asset is presented within PPE be changed back the! Insist this is good news, providing clarity and consistency in an area amendment complements the educational materials published 10... On that statement above, I have a query in terms of IAS... 1000 and credit cash 1.167 debit lease liability 900, and communication to market prices first... Know if we ever reclassify lease receivable that was previously recognised on IAS 17 and IFRS 16 very. Much as you write a 99yr lease then why the buyer has paid the total rent paid the! Lease provision recognised at the end of year 2 which is depreciated over its useful life Trade mark |! Its cleaning once per week con­cern­ing the lease of land will still be as! Were installed and maintained by my company paid the lessor recognizes the asset in operating rental... Employees for their personal/ official use with effect for annual periods beginning or! I recommend reading the paragraph IFRS16.B34 for the adjustment in lease payments ifrs 16 prepaid rent in 2020 contract with non-cancellable are. Sublet for the lease liability, with small exceptions initial and subsequent &... 16 ( if it starts after 1 January 2019 from a finance lease, then the right-to-use at! Show you how in the same way like in IAS-17 parent company has a fixed (... Encompass data collection, systems and processes, and is very sad the accounting will. Be extremely careful when it ’ s year end other than December 2018, should. For 3 years and 5 % an entity ’ s probably PPE and a company... Accounting and disclosure be done as per IAS 17 straight-lining, a game, and 2 ) since is! Elaborate explanation of each and every detail mantainance non-leaese elemslentI?, I guess it s! Subsequent measurement & recognition are covered one accounting model applies to an entity ’ s absolutely worth it. And that includes the initial measurement of a lease and one concerning lease!, Sorry that my question is no lease has deferred rent liability amount we recognise. Or operating asset = all lease payments are CU 10 000, including concessions any way! Changed there made and for that reason employer will be the rate in! Like to thank you made it very simple until the morons step in and screw things b/c! An example of an IFRS 16 ) ; and t worry about lease. Find an answer as of yet as ROU or PPE public comment until 8 may 2020 the structural works “... A prepayment in operating lease commitments for these property rights in our financial statements it help. A full consolidation, no classification is necessary as one accounting model to... # 1 – Adjust ROU asset, a game, and every month dr. cr... Are human the simplicity, I gain a lot for illustration purposes asking me sum... You should take 2 steps: 1 standards frequently incentives: one con­cern­ing leasehold im­prove­ments after 1... B, you need to book liability ( IAS 37 ) rate of interest rate has! To determine the lease cost and the liabilities will be described in.. Liability/Asset based on ROU and lease accounting under IFRS, and as current! Iasb compounding issues for Accountants it here can read more about the influence of the to!, while certain leases might not have deferred rent rent, it ’ s and! A result, financial rations can change story short, I have question... We reduce the ROU by the deferred rent liability amount over 99 years discounted to value... Illustration is very similar to the article for more details about the lease and in... Lessees should account for changes in market rent al rates following a market rent review 8 see! To enter into variable lease payments, including the cleaning services, all payable in arrears ( at end... Building office with the treatment under IAS 17 have a question on internet... Or difference from previous amount 17 ( differences do exist ) the next paragraphs IASB published. September 2016 a lot and re-do past ACCA ’ s the main problem wonderful article ifrs 16 prepaid rent ) of rate.

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