what are the 32 accounting standards

Disclosure should be made of total future minimum lease payments for the specified periods, total future minimum sub-lease payments expected to be received, lease payments recognised in the statement of profit and loss with separate amount of minimum lease payments and contingent rents, sub-lease payments recognised in the statement of profit and loss, general description of significant leasing arrangements. MASB All the accounting periods commencing on or after 1-4-2001, in respect of the following: Criteria for classification of enterprises. Disclosure should be made of carrying amount of the leased assets, accumulated depreciation and accumulated impairment loss, depreciation and impairment loss recognised or reversed for the period, future minimum lease payments in aggregate and for the specified periods, general description of the leasing arrangement and policy for initial costs. The amortisation period and method to be reviewed at each financial year end and any change to be accounted for as per AS 5. For each class of provision – the carrying amount at the beginning and end of the period; additional provisions made, amounts used and unused amounts reversed during the period. { Accounting Standard 31 : Financial Instruments: Presentation. Unless an entity complies with sensitivity analysis as mentioned in subsequent clause, it should disclose: a sensitivity analysis for each type of market risk to which the entity is exposed at the reporting date, showing how profit or loss and equity would have been affected by changes in the relevant risk variable that were reasonably possible at that date; the methods and assumptions used in preparing the sensitivity analysis; and. Cost of Defined Contribution Plan should be accounted as an expense on accrual basis. No intangible asset arising from research to be recognised and expenditure on research should be recognised as an expense, when incurred. From the date of coming into operation of AS 16, the following stand withdrawn: AS 10 – Accounting for Fixed Assets – paragraphs 9.2, 29 (except the first sentence). Consolidated financial statements to be presented in addition to separate financial statements. Surplus arising out of present value of plan asset being higher than obligation under the plan. Interim financial reports (IFR) are financial statements (complete or condensed) for an interim period that is shorter than a full financial year. On disposal of assets or settlement of liabilities, disclosure is required for gain/loss recognised on disposal/settlement and income-tax expenses thereto. Under primary reporting format for each reportable segment, the enterprise should disclose external and internal segment revenue, segment result, amount of segment assets and liabilities, cost of fixed assets acquired, depreciation, amortisation of assets and other non-cash expenses. Assets acquired on hire purchase be recorded at cash value to be shown with appropriate note about ownership of the same. The ICAI has made announcement that till the issuance of Accounting Standards on (i) Financial Instruments : Presentation, (ii) Financial Instruments : Disclosures and (iii) Financial Instruments : Recognition and Measurement, an enterprise should provide information regarding the extent of risks to which an enterprise is exposed and as a minimum, make following disclosures in its financial statements: Category-wise quantitative data about derivative instruments that are outstanding at the balance sheet date, The purpose, viz. Limited revision to AS 5 by adding para 33 effective for accounting periods commencing on or after 1-4-2001. Financing activities are activities that result in changes in the size and composition of the owner’s capital and borrowings of the enterprise. In case of purchase of assets by a venturer from a joint venture, the venturer should recognise its share of profit only on a resale of the asset to an independent party. Past Service Cost arises due to introduction or changes in the defined benefit plan. Specific Identification Method to be used when goods are not ordinarily interchangeable or have been segregated for specific projects. All commercial, industrial and business reporting enterprises having borrowings, including public deposits, in excess of Incorporated in (AS) 21 "Consolidated Financial Statements" as Explanation below para 10. They should not include estimated future cash inflows or outflows that are expected to arise from: a future restructuring to which an enterprise is not yet committed; or. The equity method is not applicable where the investment is acquired for temporary period (ASI 8 incorporated in (AS) 21 "Consolidated Financial Statements" as an explanation (b) below para 11). The Standard sets out principles and procedures for recognising in Consolidated Financial Statement the effect of investments in associates on the financial position and operating results of the group. However, AS 30 does not apply to any such contracts that were entered into and continue to be held for the purpose of the receipt or delivery of a non-financial item in accordance with the entity’s expected purchase, sale or usage requirements. SMCs shall follow the following instructions while complying with Accounting Standards under these rules:-. Accounting policy may be changed only if required by statute or for compliance with an accounting standard or if the change would result in appropriate presentation of the financial statements. In other words, if an enterprise presents consolidated financial statements, it should account for investments in associates and joint ventures in the consolidated financial statements in accordance with AS 23 and AS 27 respectively. (Refer July 2004 ICAI Journal). Non Executive Directors on the Board – whether related parties. XXXVIII of 1949) Additional asset construction to be treated as separate construction contract when: Assets differ significantly in design/technology/ function from original contract assets. Exchange differences arising on monetary item which in substance, is net investment in a non-integral foreign operation (long-term loans) shall be credited to foreign currency translation reserve and shall be recognised as income or expense at the time of disposal of net investment. AS 21 is mandatory if an enterprise presents consolidated financial statements. At each balance sheet date, if there are indications internal or external, that an impairment loss recognised for an asset in prior accounting periods, no longer exists/has decreased, then the recoverable amount of that asset to be estimated. In case of sale of assets by a venturer to the joint venture the venturer should recognise only that portion of gain or loss as attributable to the interests of the other venturers. All disclosures should be separately presented for each discontinuing operation. Holding and subsidiary enterprises of any one of the above at any time during the accounting period.

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