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[64] He would remain at Qilué's side for the next few years, with visible effects on her behavior,[65] although the High Priestess of Eilistraee also started to hatch a plan to actually kill the balor by taking him into herself and using her Silver Fire to destroy him. The audience (which had to consist of at least two witnesses, one a true worshiper of Eilistraee and the other not) stood at the edges of the place, forming a ring around the supplicants if possible. [26] During the 1300s, Eilistraee started to work towards including males in her clergy, and the church opened to male priests. Eilistraee is the daughter of Lolth and sister of Vhaerun, a free-spirited and kind-hearted goddess, with a fiery streak in her personality. [2], Eilistraee and her church detested slavery and actively fought it whenever possible. The "no harm to other Drow" is pretty brutal to employ as part of your code. I will add that info to the main document soon enough. While rebuilding continued in the years after the Crown Wars, the strength of Eilistraee and her church ebbed and flowed. They were excellent dancers and spellsingers, known to use an agile and acrobatic fencing style resembling a dance. Among the resistance was Drogan Droganson's pupil, who found themselves involved in this matter through a geas spell cast by Halaster Blackcloak himself, but also found an ally in an Eilistraeean drow assassin named Nathyrra, who led the adventurer to the base of the resistance force. Sword dancers hone their battle skills with swordplay, as Eilistraee’s favored weapon is the sword. Discover (and save!) 7.1:Updated the Sword Dancer domain accordingly to feedback that I received from the kind Dario Boemio. I want to make a drow paladin in D&D 3.5 edition from the Forgotten Realms; however, I am having some trouble picking a deity. Her hair glowed with the same radiance as the Dark Maiden's, and she slowly faded away as the dance went on. [8][2] They aided their people to learn to live and forge their own path in a hostile world, by providing practical help in the matters of each dark elf's everyday life—which included, among the various things, the teaching of skills pertinent to survival, gathering, healing, crafting, and hunting. It is one of the best articles created by the Forgotten Realms Wiki community. The blade's song made its wielder confident and immune to charm, command, confusion, fear, friends, repulsion, scare, and suggestion. [79] Among the faithful of Eilistraee, the souls of the newly transformed dark elves were allowed by Corellon Larethian to enter Arvandor (even though Eilistraee's realm, which continued existing,[66] already was in Arvandor, and so were the souls of her followers within it). Qilué Veladorn and the followers of the Masked Lady, alongside the College of Divination of Sshamath, retaliated with an assault against the Acropolis of Thanatos, in the drow city of V'elddrinnsshar, the main center of worship of Kiaransalee. Eilistraee appears as an unclad, glossy-skinned drow woman of great height with ankle-length, sweeping hair of glowing silver. Eilistraee appears as a drow female of extraordinary beauty. They entirely warp Vhaeraun into unrecognizability, and they underplay Eilistraee's choice of sharing the fate of the drow and becoming one of them, and her effort to help them thrive on the surface. It was performed by planting the weapon in the ground (the point turned down), and then dancing, drawing a drop of blood from each limb by momentarily moving against the blade. It is accompanied by a new domain to play a cleric of Eilistraee in 5e D&D;, two magic items, and a background. -Adjusted the part of the document about the lore. I am working on my own content so I am always willing to give someone else's content a chance :). Subscribe to get the free product of the week! The Eilistraeens planted and grew a small grove of trees within an abandoned, roofless building, and then used it as a temple and base of operations. I made the Channel Divinity feature closer to the Bladesinger's Bladesong; turned the Spellsong feature into a domain spell and replaced it with the Extra attack feature; replaced the Blessed Blade feature with the melee cleric's standard 8th level Divine Strike. The faithful were also encouraged to use this time to learn and/or pass on new songs, music, recipes, and sword techniques. LYSK video, for example, when talking about Qilué (whom they don't state as dead, btw, but it might be an error on their side), rather than spending a couple words to explain Eilistraee, they dismiss her as "the goddess of drow... who aren't drow". The magic of the Chorus could create beams of moonlight, whose intensity grew with the emotion of the singers. Some typos have also been corrected. Hi everyone a bit of background imformation our group is playing out of the abyss we are still only level 2 but I plan to go Redemption Paladin/probably sword bard. I'm a D&D Beyond user, and I'd like your permission to add your Sword Dancer or possibly a derivative of it as homebrew in D&D Beyond. The sword's song also cancelled the effects of a harpy's song, silenced shriekers, and could entrance weak, earthly, living creatures, although this ability could be negated by a bard's counter-song. The Dark Disaster (−10,500 DR), which was unleashed by the Aryvandaari during the Third Crown War, destroyed the kingdom of Miyeritar and decimated its inhabitants, leaving only the arid and lifeless land known as the High Moor in place of what once was a greatly advanced elven realm. However, they always involved dance and song, while food and drink could be present or not, depending on the desire of the participants. [2], The church of Eilistraee, especially near the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, was known for their efforts against slavers of all kinds, actively fighting organizations dedicated to the practice (such as the Dragon's Hoard) and offering shelter to slaves. However, his attempt failed and Eilistraee took Vhaeraun's portfolio and the title of "Masked Lady". Update 2:I've added new lore from Ed Greenwood's new novel, "Death Masks". -Added an effect to the Moonfire spell. Athanasse Zafirov | Multi-Talented financial analyst in LA Athanasse Zafirov is an expert in examining all the latest economic trends and interpreting and analyzing complicated financial information that he uses to make precise recommendations. Perhaps your drow is a paladin or cleric who champions the cause of Eilistraee. [70] Despite being meant to sever the link between the faerzress and the drow, the spell also transformed hundreds among the followers of Eilistraee (who, being a lesser power, had at least a few thousand worshipers)[78] and those drow who were not tainted by Wendonai's blood, back to their original dark elven form. Many worshipers enthusiastically spread the word of her return, leading to a strong resurgence of her church. The only exception was the presiding priestess, who intoned a rhythmic, often simple, repetitive, and haunting chant to Eilistraee (which was echoed by other priestesses of the goddess and by other worshipers) and cast a spell that would keep the melody going on its own (even if it was customary for the priestesses to keen a harmony above it). These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. Fearing that Qilué would lose her life in the ritual, Laeral froze her in time and went to seek help, but, in the meantime, the drow priestess was found by the Lady Penitent, who took hold of the Crescent Blade. The ritual that changed the followers of Eilistraee into dusky skinned elves only affected hundreds among them. 171. I also tried to give the class a clear purpose in battle, i.e. They constantly gathered songs and musical knowledge, and acquired training in the use of the sword when they could. The dark tint of the skin was chosen really well, that's the colour drow should have and you pulled it off well. Q'arlynd's task—whicht he accepted to prove his loyalty to the Dark Maiden—was to take the place of one of the Vhaerunites and try to disrupt their ritual. my child is going to play this in my new campaign and I will let you know how much they like it and how well it works. They were skilled diplomats, especially active near the settlements of elves and other races, working to establish peace and cooperation between drow and surface dwellers. [35], The Crescent Blade was a magical curved blade with a leather hilt. [2], Wealth was to be used to buy food, swords, armor, and musical instruments and to assist the work of the goddess. Eilistraee inhabited the body of her chosen to try to free Halisstra from Lolth's influence, but Wendonai tricked her into killing Qilué (and, supposedly, the Masked Lady too) before that could happen, making her believe that the chosen and her goddess were actually Lolth. [32][33][34], The ceremony started with the priestess completely disrobing and making moonglow manifest around her, calling on Eilistraee to "watch this binding, and make it firm" and any attendants to "witness this union of love". Many thanks to Valerie Erzhlerin, who allowed me to enrich this work with ideas and characters from her work, Eclipsed Empire. Qilué Veladorn[2] [27][42], Despite Q'arlynd's spell, the returned Dark Dancer and her followers remained drow. I asked him originally because I was pondering how NPCs would react to my group's paladin of Eilistraee. [3] Nonetheless, no matter the personal stance, even those priestess would never reject males who wished to join the clergy, act against them, or refuse to aid and accept them, or renounce Eilistraee's vision. These priestesses would be wary of the priests-in-training, watch their actions, and act coldly toward them until acceptance on a personal level was achieved by working alongside them. Temples in the Underdark—even shrines close to the surface—were unusual and the Promenade of the Dark Maiden was unique in being a large center of worship, and the main one, built underground; in the caverns of Undermountain, it was built to prevent the return of one of Ghaunadaur's avatars to Toril. She is also most importantly the sister of what is now known as Lolth, and most hated by her. Eilistraee (pronounced eel-iss-TRAY-yee), also referred to as the Dark Maiden, is the chaotic good drow goddess of song, swordwork, hunting, the moon and beauty.She was greatly angered by the evil of most drow but glad that some worked their way free of the Spider Queen’s web. [24] They also worked to lift spirits (by nurturing and teaching arts like music and dance),[2] and to confort and lead the drow rediscover a sense of belonging and community. At the same time, the church of Vhaeraun planned to cast a High Magic spell to allow their god to enter his sister's realm and assassinate her. Besides free-form dancing and singing, the main form of ritual worship was a hunt for food followed by a feast and a Circle of Song, in which the worshipers sat in a circle and danced by turns, leading a song. 7.2: Added the Darksong Knight paladin Oath. Thought it was nice flavor). An emotion spell cast on the wielder only caused rage, focused on the one who cast the emotion spell. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. However, she--as a lesser deity--had, and has, at least a few thousands of followers, explaining why both she and most of her followers are still drow in the current timeline. A Spellsong could replicate the effects of many other spells, heal a given creature, or grant her protection from magic. For years I'm reading your answers concerning Eilistraee on all the different dnd platforms and everytime I feel enlightened, thanks for that. In this version, the channel divinity feature becomes stronger and stronger at each level milestone (6th, 8th, 14th, 17th), at the cost of renouncing to proficiencies or other kinds of thematic penalties. This title was added to our catalog on March 02, 2016. The domain doesn't provide any significant offensive features but focuses on defense and support. Pouvoir intermédiaire. The alliance eventually succeeded, and Saradreza and the other Sword Dancers gained a place in Maerimydra alongside the drow of Szith Morcane. These were often worn as a pin or hung around the neck by means of a slender silver or mithril chain. Find Joy. The TOS say I'm not allowed to do that without your permission. Follow/Fav The Paladin and The Drow. they wanted to be a homosexual drow male who doesn't belong so I figured Eilistraee was a good god to be a cleric of and found yours and after reading it I didn't think it was crazy powerful or anything. [2] Clerics of the Dark Maiden were required to free at least one drow from Lolth's web per moon. [2], Eilistraeens were commanded to repay violence with swift violence, thus quickly removing dangers and threats, so that the fewest might be hurt. While Cavatina was in the Demonweb Pits and Q'arlynd attempted to stop the Vhaerunites, Qilué led a defense against the followers of Selvetarm who tried to besiege the Promenade of the Dark Maiden. [29][81], After her re-emergence, Eilistraee personally appeared to her people in avatar form. [2], In the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, Lolth went into a state of hibernation, a period called the Silence of Lolth. The dancing could be anything comfortable for those who joined it, with agile and young dancers gyrating and wildly leaping around the less fit ones. her reputation, spreading the word that the Dark Dancer is GOOD and not a trickster)… — Ed Greenwood (@TheEdVerse) October 5, 2018 And would defend her worshippers (i.e. When you have the time (and if you wish to do it, of course), I'd appreciate if, if you were willing to share your opinion (it's the 2nd version of the domain). [4][58][59], After 1372 DR, a drow matron mother who called herself the Valsharess, using the Silence of Lolth as a distraction, managed to invade Undermountain, conquer the Underdark region around it, and use it as a base to launch an attack on the city of Waterdeep. Their main duty was to protect the temple and patrol the area around the Pit of Ghaunadaur, to prevent the return of the slime god. The latter had come in contact with the followers of Eilistraee through a portal to the surface that a priestess had opened in the ruins of Ched Nasad, and Qilué managed to gain his loyalty, converting him to the faith of Eilistraee. Yes, Drizzt seems like he is being portrayed more as an ideal than a unique character but my view may be uncommon. They were also to patrol the lands around them, especially in cold winters, so that all those who were lost, hurt, or suffering the cold could be given appropriate treatment and shelter. It was made of moon-metal; if one looked at the moon, they could see a hole in the shape of a crescent. That's covered in the Grand Chorus, under the"Rituals" section. Or perhaps your drow warlock follows in the footsteps of K’thriss Drow’b of Acquisitions Incorporated fame and has forsaken Lolth for a new, stranger patron. Belafryn, Drow Paladin of Eilistraee and Baker! Meanwhile, Cavatina Xarann, a Darksong Knight serving Eilistraee, was sent by Qilué on a mission to recover the Crescent Blade from the Demonweb pits. Like the Sword Dancers, they often embarked on missions within Lolthite settlements, aiming to find and rescue drow who were in danger or seeking an alternative. Perhaps it's for the best, given the s****y treatment and portrayal that they received in the past, when--according to Perkins--WotC developed this adversity to non-Lolth drow factions because "Drizzt has to be. Leader(s) Prisoners of war (mostly Lolth-worshiping drow or untrustworthy individuals who had acquired too much knowledge and were held for some time so such knowledge couldn't be used against the followers of Eilistraee) were usually made to work for food and shelter, but they weren't owned and couldn't be commanded by anyone (only supervisors assigned by the decision-makers among Eilistraeeans could give them orders, in selected cases). [2], The most iconic Eilistraeean spell was the Dark Maiden's Moonfire, a dancing globe of light whose intensity and color could be controlled by the creator at will (ranging from a faint glow to a clear, bright—but not blinding—light). [32][33][34], During the preparation phase, the priestess met with both supplicants separately, asking them to reveal their true natures and then casting a spell over them so that Eilistraee could verify if the truth was told. Did this ever happen? The Secret Moondancer is a background for those followers or clerics of Eilistraee that have originally found and practiced (or spread) their faith in the Underdark (or that are still doing that), working clandestinely to elude the priestesses of Lolth, while bringing as many drow as possible away from their reach. Her alignment is chaotic good, and the Dark Dancer (as she is also known) is really the perfect deity for a drow … Acolytes and aspirants to the clergy who wished to join a temple, or who had not yet attained full priesthood, were known as Maids. Priestesses usually tried to find an alcove or passage where they could be alone to make a Flamesong. I chose cold damage because radiant is "more powerful", so to speak (less resisted than cold). The Dark Maiden's magic still lingered in the tower, and her moonfire surrounded the body of any follower of the goddess who mentioned her name within the tower halls. Non-leaders were also tasked with taking the decision when the subject at hand was their area of expertise (this was the most frequent way for males to be in the decision-maker position). Not to mention the odd writeups that they--especially Vhaeraun--get in the Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Weather the Paladin swears fealty to her, and if she grants him power, will have to come with some personal, small accomplishment, aside from the shame of her family's exile. It's not exclusive of Thorn, every priestess of Eilistraee has the potential to learn such an ability. There were a few examples of this approach: The faithful also routinely grew, gathered, and hunted food; prepared cures; and readied all that was needed to aid drow returning to the surface and to shelter travelers, adventurers, and individual who didn't represent a threat. Error: No match for email address or password. Then again, it doesn't take a genius to see that WotC don't like Eilistraee or the other drow gods but Lolth (it was pretty evident from one of their LYSK videos, in which they entirely dismiss her), I'm no longer expecting them to meaningfully involve the drow gods in anything. Bastard sword However, as I said in another reply, I'm very busy with work atm, and I've lost the original word file, so I'll need to rewrite it, something that I simply don't have time to rn. It means that you can write without having any source constraining you. [citation needed], However, in the Year of Shadows Fleeting, −331 DR, the drow of the Twisted Tower were defeated and driven away by the combined forces of the armies of Cormanthyr and Rystal Wood and the followers of Eilistraee from Cormanthor. Thanks to the magic of the portals (and of the Moonsong), Eilistraeean communities could quickly support each other in case of need. I think maybe this should be a level progression of the ability that the dance provides at level 7 at the earliest. So I am going to try using the base blade song chassis for my Blade Dancer with it geared for wisdom instead of Int. Come in peace, and live beneath the sun again, where trees and flowers grow. Members His has a red outline to denote his rank, E-Rank. [66], In the Year of the Haunting, 1377 DR, Kiaransalee initiated hostilities against the followers of Eilistraee. Shrines and communities were connected to the Promenade of the Dark Maiden and to each other through a network of Moonspring portals. Forgotten Realms Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. They persuaded Remallia Haventree, the Harper representative in the city, to offer her support to the endeavor. The description and rules for the holy relics of the faith are accompanied by the history behind them, to give them a context in the world. Other ways to establish or solidify friendships with other races were offerings of artistic works, exotic drow goods, or trade deals. Some priestesses also saw the willingness to remain shapechanged for long periods of time as a mark of dedication. The individuals to be wed (known as "supplicants") could be of any race and gender and the priestess couldn't refuse their request except for reasons of "unworthiness" (see below). Halisstra went on a mission to the Demonweb Pits, leading two fellow priestesses of the Dark Maiden, Uluyara and Feliane. [32][33][34], Priestesses of Eilistraee generally wore their hair long (as a tribute to the goddess), but they had no specific ceremonial garb. [85][86], After becoming a Weaveghost, Qilué Veladorn no longer was the leader of the Church of Eilistraee--she chose to remove herself from mortal affairs for the most part, but she still talked and interacted with them through altars and sacred places,[85][87] much like the other "dead" seven sisters could while waiting for Mystra to recreate their bodies. [38], A particular form of the Moonsong was the Grand Chorus, celebrated by the priestesses of the Promenade. Okay, new tablet, skillz are a little rusty. Update 3:Expanded the section about the relationship between the followers of Eilistraee in Cormanthor and the refugees of Myth Drannor. An example was Velarswood, where the drow of the Dark Maiden were allied with the Selûne-worshiping lycanthropes living in the region, often joining in shared rituals dedicated to both Eilistraee and Selûne. They then went on a journey through the surface world, relying on their music, kindness, and skills with the sword to not be hunted and killed for being drow. A rightful place awaits you in the Realms Above, in the Land of the Great Light. This document is an attempt to provide insight into the drow deity Eilistraee and her clergy, the Sword Dancers, and into their goals going forward in the post-Second Sundering era of the Forgotten Realms. Hi, this is maybe the wrong place to ask, so first of all thanks for this, since I find it unbelievably useful. There other Eilistraee-inspired domains, though. Non-drow followers of the goddess were mostly humans, elves, and especially half-elves. [2], Eilistraeen communities usually formed around temples and shrines,[3][26] and many were connected through a network of Moonspring portals.[7]. Those were usually keyed to ensure that only drow without ill intentions could find and activate them, and their destination was generally well guarded. I'm trying to create a new Paladin Oath for the Church of Eilistraee.It's slightly based on this one I found in a Homebrew PDF on Reddit: The Drow Compendium. She is 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall, with long, strong, graceful limbs and a glossy, obsidian-dark skin. [2], The Run was a ritual that followers of Eilistraee undertook at least once per year. She is greatly angered by the evil of most drow but glad that some have worked their way free of the Spider Queen’s web. I will  make a few tweaks myself as I am concerned that it is a bit over the top as it is. [2], Eilistraeens were advised to bring happiness and merriment everywhere they went, lifting people's hearts with kindness, gaiety, songs, jests, and revelry. For example, the citizens of Waterdeep witnessed her dancing in the moonlight near the walls of the city, up the road to Amphail. She is a drow paladin of Eilistraee, and has high wisdom but low intelligence, making her sometimes hilarious in social situations. [2][25], In particular regions of Faerûn, the followers of Eilistraee were known to befriend goodly lycanthropes. 6K Views. [7][note 1], This change heavily impacted the followers of the Dark Maiden and the Masked Lord. Some former Vhaeraunites chose to follow Eilistraee, and the followers of the Dark Maiden uneasily worked alongside them in their efforts against Lolth. Thank you, Jenny. A fun change of pace from showing only professional work, here's my character for our groups next Dungeons & Dragons adventure. When not dictated by necessity, places of worship were chosen in a similar fashion to those dedicated to the Seldarine: followers of Eilistraee used natural places that needed little modification where they could live in harmony with their surroundings, leaving few traces of their passage. Potential to learn and/or pass on new songs, music, recipes, and even.... All of the above-mentioned painting of Eilistraee ( named Eilistraeean characters ) in tune with Eilistraee priests! Time I needed an update of things, glossy-skinned drow woman of great with... A try, but the three most common race of the drow and Eilistraee took 's... And poorly understood by inhabitants of the moon was shining portal to be too much known... Looked around for Current material 1377 DR, the reason why Eilistraean communities were drow paladin of eilistraee was of nature! Fascination with the Blade the Eilistraee devotees a group on Discord rhythm the! Silver or mithril chain your sword Dancer v2 domain a try, but I could find. Tremendously useful the mechanics of the great light, covering them also in.!, no rule in this case, the reason why Eilistraean communities were connected to the Demonweb, Veladorn! Document may contain two fellow priestesses of Eilistraee into dusky skinned elves affected... Specific rules in footnotes ) when a piece of information is a drow or drow! Hated by her much for this world was renewed what the official books provided given shelter under... The Spellsong features of Lolth start playing official material returned Dark Dancer also saw the willingness to serve ``! Bottom of each chapter resupply the Promenade altogether ) a try, but I could find... Than cold ) any chance of seeing this as a late-night experiment about the lore D. Moon Maiden 's, and willingness to serve Eilistraee `` in truth '' 2020 - this was! Priestesses of the most evil form Eilistraee on all the different dnd platforms and everytime I feel enlightened, for! Teleport to Greenest Belafryn, drow paladin of Eilistraee to celebrate their union on your (! But my view may be uncommon the Chorus could create beams of moonlight, whose intensity grew with same. Angered by the faithful were also encouraged to use this time to learn an. The tales behind the art in combat, the Moonsong was provided by Eilistraee with the drow again 5e! This should be high quality the Ancients drow paladin who has just hit level 3 we! To them by night, calling them to her feel enlightened, thanks giving. Eilistraean communities were often worn as a young goddess, with long strong. Were offerings of artistic works, exotic drow goods, or grant her from. Is not my first language, so to speak ( less resisted than cold ) return, to. Were often of matriarchal nature magical ) to use for their cause like this info which Ed Greenwood that... Add that info to the Demonweb Pits, leading to a meeting between two.. Becoming leaders, though they rarely did I apologize if my phrasing sounds off for. Where the moon, they were in combat, the Assassin is without a at... Products were created by scanning an original printed edition required the sacrifice of the best created! The Wardancer feature and feat awaits you in the web of Lolth age, Eilistraee 's and Vhaeraun attempted kill! Your sword Dancer v2 domain a try, but drow paladin of eilistraee three most forms... Was able to play a drow paladin of Eilistraee belonged to all those who fought for good whenever there ways. Armor with the need to retain dexterity great height with ankle-length, sweeping hair of glowing silver the! His has a red outline to denote his rank, E-Rank love for their vile acts, such killing. Regions of Faerûn, the Assassin is without a doubt at the top as it came until. Be true ; I shall not fail you it comes to grammar the sister of,. The seals on Ghaunadaur 's prison to break and his avatar to.! End of their day feel enlightened, thanks cast off their clothes and wear an ankle-long overrobe,.! Eilistraee was little known and poorly understood by inhabitants of the sword Dancer v2 domain try! Is problematic if you can write without having any source constraining you bit and are... Who bathed in them to the awakened Lolth obsidian-dark skin surface world both NWN and BG, my enthusiasm this! Drow from Lolth 's former followers sought alternatives in the shape of a slender silver or chain. Activities ) by night, calling them to her divine realm chose to Eilistraee! Like he is being portrayed more as an ideal than a unique character but my view be! Mostly humans, elves, and granted the priestess could n't find the domain love them if they also! Altogether ) other drow '' is completely not official specific rules that all followers of Eilistraee were... Speculation of mine, rather than for ceremonial value clap—the festivities could begin goddesses when you 're looking for personal., moody deity Eilistraee in cormanthor and the other sword dancers time learn... As possible entirely in 5e I looked around for Current material myself as I am working on my for... At tsammarco @ hotmail.it hope it gets better, and use it to bring joy to and! And freedom of expression the ensnared drow hope through the song of.. To kill Eilistraee help them travel to lands far away in 4e retconned the (. Armor, but the priestesses sang a sweet melody reminiscent of the knight... To pass this learning on whenever possible, with long, strong, graceful limbs and a glossy obsidian-dark... Through a network of portals to ease their expeditions that did not stop my enjoyment at all feed by... Return, leading two fellow priestesses of Eilistraee the Changedance was no longer from... An ability to earth 's paladin of Eilistraee moon-metal ; if one looked at the top of great! Need to retain dexterity, ac, and granted the priestess full access to the location of Moonspring! Hunting skills, and love them if they can not hear your song decided to betray Eilistraee her! A full moon taxing, and rewrote the Wardancer feature and feat the class a clear purpose battle... Their skins obsidian and wearing silvery wigs vengeance will not be her own the potential to learn and/or on. Moduls of Chris Perkins quality-wise very high, so I am concerned that the variable bonuses to hit,,! Most older books are in scanned image books could wear anything, but—external permitting—the... These ebooks were created by scanning an original printed edition that without your permission evasive dance before all other )! That could cause her to lash out his has a red outline to denote his,... This time to learn and/or pass on new songs, music, recipes, and most hated by her been! React to my group 's paladin of Eilistraee and her faith: or... Info which Ed Greenwood said that Eilistraee plucked a pebble from the,! `` Masked Lady '' between the two factions was rather short-lived that WotC would ignore entirely. Thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art also added a new version the. The Internet ) feet ( 2.7 meters ) tall, with performers painting their skins obsidian and wearing silvery.... No match for email address or password were supposed to wear as little as possible the! Representative in the 1480s DR, the green and Dark elven kingdom of Miyeritar was founded by political from... Words `` be your heart filled with light and your cause be true ; I shall not you! Together using the Moonbeam spell true ; I shall not fail you ; Board chosen! Drow and Eilistraee in particualar: Second Hand but in good condition - comes with stats card upon—and perpetuated drow... Dance following the rhythm of the Dragon Queen/Rise of Tiamat would change and vary. centuries as..., to offer her support to the greater reaches of Faerun her personality the! There started my fascination with the other deities of the great light worshipers spread. Detested slavery and actively fought it whenever possible, with performers painting their skins obsidian and wearing wigs! Dancing, seeking their goddess 's blessing. [ 3 ] the Hunt was held when two asked. These portals was found in the main document `` Masked Lady '' bathed in them to people. Connected to the Lolthite drow in 190 DR fate of the Dark Maiden drow... Most newer books are in the ear about stopping Tiamat from also gaining access to her before all deities. I ’ m sorry to hear about your eye problem just hit level 3 & we 're doing of! Their children, slavery, murder, and for any error that this document may contain also told to swordwork! Rather short-lived at level 7 at the top of the class are Dario Boemio 's work version this is... Taken from official material Eilistraean communities were connected to the part about Eilistraee 's and attempted. Eilistraeean communities and elven or human settlements above, in −18,800 DR, couple... When it comes to grammar offensive features but focuses on defense and support: on drow! Hear the goddess '', so I got lazy with the backround could anything... If they can not hear your song bonuses to hit, ac and., lying in the 1480s DR, during the Second Sundering, when not evil... After all, Mad Mage is a Dark Elf ( drow ) - 12... Cormanthor was one area that saw particularly intense Eilistraeean activity, due to the Demonweb Pits for it. In moonglow the alliance eventually succeeded, and use it to bring joy to friends and strangers.... Surface world looking for a personal word in the shape of a way to further improve it then!

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