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We are glad you are visiting AIA WV. If you are considering a design and construction project, whether it is a feasibility study or master plan, new construction or adaptive reuse, for your home or a campus of corporate or institutional facilities, we know you will benefit from a working relationship with a member of the American Institute of Architects. Our members are a part of a professional society grounded in a lifelong path of learning and have at their fingertips the most comprehensive architectural knowledge base in the world.

The Value of an AIA Architect
Architects think beyond bricks and mortar. They make an impact, not just through their built forms but also through dialogue, planning and societal contribution. The architect is the essential collaborator in the building process, which leads, connects and is thus entirely indispensable. Hiring an AIA Architect might be the best choice you can make.
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How Design Works for You
We want to help you feel more comfortable with the design process, understand the steps you and your architect will take, arm you with questions to identify the right design professional for your project, and maximize your owner-architect relationship. Architects are the connective tissue between all the players in the building industry and bolster efficiency to economic terms. They are an invaluable resource for professional support and an impassionable champion of the world. GOOD DESIGN BENEFITS THE PUBLIC’S EVERYDAY LIVES!

“AIA MEMBER ARCHITECTS” are at the cutting edge, they are not a follower. They add value, not a financial burden. They are passionate, visionary individuals that will add value to your investment.
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