WV ArchiPAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the West Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. WV ArchiPAC serves as the single voice for the architecture profession on the state political scene. Funded by AIAWV members’ individual, voluntary contributions, WV ArchiPAC is the tool that architects use to voice the AIA’s positions to our state elected leaders on issues affecting our profession, our communities and our practices.

A strong PAC is critical, providing us with an opportunity to ensure that the candidates for the West Virginia Legislature who support our initiatives and issues get elected. Decisions affecting our profession will be made whether we are part of the conversation or not, so it is critical that we have a seat at the table to represent our membership, our issues and our concerns. Having a strong, healthy PAC gives us the opportunity to be part of that conversation.

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Who can contribute?

Contributions from individuals other than AIAWV members and associate members are not permitted. Corporate or Business checks cannot be accepted.

What candidates will AIAWV support?

Contributions go to support candidates for office that fight for the values of the AIA and its members.  The WV ArchiPAC leadership committee and our lobbyists will be diligent in communicating our positions and verifying candidates understanding of and sensitivity to our concerns.  The identification of appropriate candidates will be transparent and include input from all PAC contributors.

Is this a tax deductible donation?

WV ArchiPAC donations are not tax deductible.

How much should I contribute?

State law requires political committees to use best efforts to collect and report the name, address and employer of all contributors. Amounts are suggestions only but limitations do apply (i.e. $1000 max/primary season and $1000 max/general). Contributions are strictly voluntary and do not affect AIAWV membership status.

Why should I contribute?

Decisions are made every day by our state government that affect your professional practice, whether you are a firm owner, manager, or employee. As an AIAWV member, you can join forces to build a powerful PAC with a loud voice.  Your participation in WV ArchiPAC is a direct investment in your profession and practice.

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