2020 Scholarship Award

The West Virginia Foundation for Architecture and The West Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects – AIA West Virginia – has announced the winners of AIA WV 2020 Scholarship winners for 2020.

AIA West Virginia Scholarship program, which benefits West Virginia native students working toward a degree in architecture.  This year, The West Virginia Foundation for Architecture awarded five students with a total of $11,500.  The Chapter received a generous funding from the AIA Component Scholarship Award Program.

Cassidy Bland is a Master’s of Architecture + Health student at Clemson University in my second year of my graduate studies. Prior to pursing her graduate degree in architecture, she obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in biomedical engineering at West Virginia University. Because of her interest in health and wellness in the built environment, her ultimate career goal is to work for an architecture firm that emphasizes these objectives through evidence based design in practice.
Whether it is designing schools with student and faculty health in mind or designing nursing homes that increase the comfort and social interaction of residents, she hopes her future work positively impacts the people of my home state. Cassidy is from Wellsburg, WV and received $3500.

Blake Massie holds high standards for his present work and future career, and feels very strongly about never compromising on that mindset. For his undergraduate degree at Fairmont State, he began learning about architecture with very little background knowledge. After 4 years, he had earned a 4.0 for seven semesters, was a finalist twice for A/A WV Design Competitions, an overall winner of an A/AS Competition, and was A/AS President while working at an architecture firm year round. Blake has formed strong relationships with classmates, professors, and work colleagues which he feels will last a lifetime. In the beginning of his first semester as a Masters Student at Virginia Tech, Blake has been selected to be a part of the Solar Decathlon Team while also working on the FutureHAUS project as part of his graduate assistantship. Blake is from Bunker Hill, WV and received $2000 and the $1500 Clingenpeel Scholarship provided by Harper Engineering.

Rachel White is a fourth year Bachelor of Architecture student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She would like to try her hand at Scenic Design within the Theater realm. Rachel believes that architects are needed in every field, so she plans to stay true to that belief in her professional practice. She hopes to push architecture to its limits and take it beyond what we already know and to work architecture into different fields and to expose design to different communities. Rachel is from Fayetteville, WV and received $2000

Jeray Allen is a forth-year student at Fairmont State University. Jeray is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Architecture) and a minor in Art. Also, standing as the current VP of Fairmont States University’s AIAS. Jeray’s passion in art and architecture developed at a young age and continues to grow. After a recent trip to Greece, his appreciation for architecture developed furthermore. He is currently planning to travel to Italy this Spring. After graduation he hopes to continue developing his passion by obtaining a master’s degree in architecture. Jeray Allen is from Charleston, WV and received the Mayfield Scholarship $1,500

Adam Clem is a Senior at Fairmont State University. He is from West Virginia and loves his home state. He enjoys spending time with family, being active, and almost anything that has to do with me being outside enjoying nice weather.
“This scholarship award means a great deal to me and my family which helps take some much needed financial burdens off of us.”Adam is from Weston, WV and received the 3rd Year Scholarship $1000