2021 Scholarship Winners

The West Virginia Foundation for Architecture and The West Virginia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects – AIA West Virginia – has announced the winners of AIA WV 2021 Scholarship winners.

AIA West Virginia Scholarship program, which benefits West Virginia native students working toward a degree in architecture.  This year, The West Virginia Foundation for Architecture awarded five students with a total of $8,500.  The Chapter received a generous funding from the AIA Component Scholarship Award Program.

Blake Massie, winner of $3,500 including the Clingenpeel Scholarship. This award is presented by Harper Engineering in recognition of students who express a strong interest and aptitude for sustainable design. Blake was born and raised in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.  He fell in love with architecture during his undergraduate studies at Fairmont State University. During Blake’s time in undergrad, he was very fortunate to work with The Mills Group in their Morgantown office for over 18 months. Blake says Working with The Mills Group was a tremendous experience and he learned a lot from his colleagues there. Blake is currently in the final year of his M. Arch Degree at Virginia Tech. He says Tech has been an amazing place to work alongside talented young designers, learn from distinguished faculty, and help manage important projects like FutureHaus.

“The AIA West Virginia Scholarship is a tremendous relief. I’m currently at a point where the dam that holds back my student loans will be breaking soon. The generosity of the AIA West Virginia and the West Virginia Foundation for Architecture has given me a head start on paying that money back. Thanks to them, I’ll be in a position to eliminate that debt earlier, putting me in a position to lend a hand to the next generation of architects. – Blake Massie”

Cassidy Bland Roberts is a Master’s of Architecture + Health student at Clemson University expected to graduate in May 2021. Cassidy was awarded $2,500.  Having received her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from West Virginia University, she gained an interest in healthcare architecture. Upon graduation, she hopes to create sustainable and innovative healing spaces.  Cassidy is originally from Wellsburg, WV.

“Having the WV AIA invest in my education throughout my graduate degree has meant so much to me. I am grateful that the architects in my home state helped ease the financial burden of furthering my education and pursuing my dreams. This program has allowed me to connect with West Virginian architects and learn about design within our state. I hope to be able to give back to the organization in the future! – Cassidy Bland Roberts”

Nick Oxendale, awarded $500, is a first year graduate student in architecture at Clemson University.  He is a Fayette County native who graduated in May 2020 from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. His love for nature and background in landscape helps him bring creative, sustainable, and innovative solutions to complex design problems through not only the use of architectural design, but also designs within the landscape and context of buildings. He hopes to be able to practice architecture and landscape simultaneously to create new creative solutions to modern problems.

“This scholarship is appreciated in two ways:  as an indication by those in the architectural profession that I am worthy of some support, and it will assist me in building my reference collection of architectural literature. – Nick Oxendale”      

Hailey Perdue, attending Fairmont State University, received the Jeffrey Mayfield Award of $1,500.  Hailey Perdue was born and raised in Morgantown with a family full of construction workers. This is her senior year in the Architecture program at Fairmont State University. She has always loved math, design and building things, so naturally she gravitated towards architecture. She is currently flipping a home to rent out after I graduate, and her dream is to flip and design sustainable homes.

“This scholarship means more than words can express. Having professionals look at your work and decide it is worthy of recognition makes the many hours of work worthwhile. My education in architecture will forever be imprinted by the honor of receiving this scholarship. The valuable lessons I have learned throughout the process has made me a better designer, and I hope to carry them with me on my journey into architecture. I would also like to thank all my professors for their guidance and knowledge. I have grown so much as a student, and I would not have received this scholarship without them.- Hailey Perdue”

Garrett Harbour, attending Fairmont State University, received the AIA WV Scholarship Award of $1,000.  Born and raised in Point Pleasant, WV, Garrett is now a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Fairmont State.  He is a member of the AIAS chapter at the university.  Even from a young age, Garrett has had an interest in and passion for architecture.  Some spaces amazed him while he found others to be disappointing.  All of this passed through his mind while others around him were indifferent.  It was these moments that led him to pursue this path and that continue to drive his interests today.  After graduation, Garrett hopes to continue his education by obtaining a master’s degree in architecture. 

“This scholarship means so much to me as it will help to relieve some of the financial burdens I am facing and will allow me to continue my journey into architecture knowing that others can see value in my work.- Garrett Harbour”