Continuing Education

Continuing Education provides assurance to the public that licensed architects are dedicated to learn more about the building process and maintain leadership roles in public health, safety and welfare. The AIA requires all registered architect members (except those with emeritus status) to complete 18 learning units each year as part of the Continuing Education System (CES). Of these 18 learning units, at least 12 units must be earned from programs that are related to health, safety and welfare.  Information about AIAU can be found here.

In West Virginia, continuing education is a requirement for licensure, and it is becoming mandatory in a growing number of states. All registered architects in West Virginia are required to complete 12 learning units each year from programs that are related to health, safety and welfare. Since continuing education has become mandatory, AIA-WV has provided additional programs and seminars, such as the “Brown Bag Seminar Series,” in an effort to assist its members in attaining the required accredited learning units. The Chapter offers an average of 30 hours of continuing education annually.

Your AIA Transcript
Your AIA transcript is an overview of your continuing education participation and learning units that you have achieved, including health, safety and welfare units earned. To review your AIA transcript, click here and enter your AIA number. View AIA Transcript 

How to Complete Your CES Requirement

  • Participate in accredited programs offered by a CES Registered Provider (such as AIA West Virginia)
  • Participate in programs offered by professional organizations that are not a CES Registered Provider and submit a Self-Report Form.
  • Report a self-designed study.
  • Read CES-certified articles in trade magazines, such as Architectural Record.
  • Attend the AIA convention, regional conferences, PIA conferences, and local AIA chapter prgrams.