Emerging Professionals

“When a profession – doctor, lawyer, architect – speaks of his work as practice, he is confessing that there is a lot he doesn’t know. Happily, he is also expressing a commendable willingness to learn.”
— Author unknown

Architecture students and intern architects both share the same goal to become an architect. AIA WV is here to assist students and interns to reach that goal. Membership in AIA WV affords students and interns – our profession’s future leaders — the opportunity to foster professional contacts and get an early insight on the results of their career goals.

Architectural Experience Program
To become a registered architect, your career path will start with a professional degree from an accredited school of architecture, but that is just the first step. Training in an architectural firm, gaining ‘on-the-job’ knowledge is the next step. The Architectural Experience Program (AXP) is that step. AXP training fosters continued learning after college, and guarantees that interns learn about day-to-day professional experiences. AXP is becoming the accepted method of most state registration boards for training experience and admission to the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). To learn more about AXP, visit NCARB.

YAF – Young Architect Forum
Connection – The YAF Publication
Emerging Professionals West Virginia Facebook Page

Still Have Questions?
The journey of becoming an architect is not an easy one, but with assistance and advice it can be a little easier. If you are an emerging professional in West Virginia and have questions, whether you are enrolled in AXP or not, contact Joshua Shinn, Chair of our Young Professionals Committee.

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