best pineapple upside down cake recipe

I would do exactly what you stated – refrigerate airtight and come to room temperature, or you could definitely leave it out but covered. I’m trying the recipe next week. No need to make frosting. If it wasn’t apparent, I like to bake… a lot. Fairly simple to make as well. Next time I’ll make it with sliced pineapple and cherries. Hi Andrea, good idea! But, this! This is my husband's favorite. STEP 5. Here are 5 ways to enjoy the upside of of this crazy cake. It’s a classic for a reason: it has that iconic look and inimitable flavor! Hello! I made this cake this week for my DIL’s Birthday. Hi Margie, I would stick to all-purpose flour. Thanks, Thought? Your email address will not be published. Spoon the batter over the pineapple and spread it evenly. This guide to cooking roast beef will help you create a flavorful, moist, and tender roast. Hate to waste ingredients at this time of need and that not be the answer. The sweet vermouth and star anise bring out the tang in the pineapple. My cake was done around the edges and not done inside, heartbreaking. I plan on making this cake on tomorrow night. It may be easier to use pineapple tidbits and chop your maraschino cherries to spread over instead of using pineapple rings. Have you ever tried making these in cupcake tins? Now, I’ve had my own cake business back in the day, but always try new things, this is perfect. A long favorite in our family. Serve warm with whipped cream. Hi Robyn! This is a hybrid pineapple upside-down cake which I've developed over the years. Bake for approx. Just maybe bake for 15 minutes or so, checking at the 15 min mark and increasing by one minute increments if not done. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. I will definitely be making another again very soon. To anyone reading this, please read the gagillion, near 100% five star reviews that mention how fool proof this recipe is. Ingredients. In a small bowl, combine the melted butter and brown sugar and pour the mixture into the bottom of the cake pan, spreading it out evenly. Just like the cake but in cupcake form. Glad you loved the cake . 2 questions: first, could I use fresh pineapple if I made them tidbit size? Cut the maraschino cherries in half, and place one half, cut-side up, in the center of each pineapple ring. Print Rate. This recipe was given to me by a good friend in Hawaii. I’m assuming about a 1/2 cup of either. This Pineapple Upside Down Cake is the BEST recipe I've made and tried! This is it…the best, I went exactly by the recipe although I did mix the flour with the salt and baking powder beforehand. Set aside briefly. The consistency of the cake was wonderful! Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Recipe. It was a big hit. Robyn. I would like to make a gluten free version and wonder if you have any recommendations. How does this keep? Just bummed bc it was a “pandemic” bake but looking forward to my redemption, next time will cover this with foil, use my wilson cake pans, and maybe even cut away part of the top to inspect as its going to end up on the bottom anyway. Came out beautifully. This is this pineapple upside down cake recipe is perfect dessert to make. Thank you for the recipe. Can Pineapple Rings 1 20 oz. My kids and I will love it! I just made it for hubbies birthday. Yes! I believe glace cherries are very similar if not the same as maraschino cherries! I’m making it for an event and would like to make it the night before… would I refrigerate it and then take it out and let it warm to room temp before serving? ... Best New Cookbooks to Gift in 2020 No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. I am thinking multiple 13×9…. A moist twist on the original pineapple upside-down cake. It taste so good and was so easy to do it. Hello, I want to make this cake for my husband’s 50th birthday (Hawaii Five-0 theme). Top with whipped topping and you've got a lovely dessert for family or company. Add 2 tbsp of pineapple juice, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract, then mix the cake batter until it's smooth. No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. I accidentally doubled the sour cream so I halved the milk x( hopefully it comes out okay!! Made this for my mom who is a pineapple upside down lover. Kim is, sadly, mistaken no one can tell the difference between bought and prepare your own. Pineapple upside down cake isn’t the only upside down game in town. I did, however, make a little extra brown sugar / butter mixture, and used a can of “pineapple tidbits” instead of rings as that’s what we had on hand! I can't tell you how many people raved at the party. I used crushed pineapple since that’s what I have in my pantry. Carefully pour the batter over the pineapples in the pan, careful not to disturb their placement. 40-45 minutes or until the cake appears set, is light golden brown, and a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean or with moist, not wet, crumbs. I’m using an iron skillet. So yummy! Gradually add some of the milk, alternating with the flour until a soft batter comes together. Can I use cake flour instead of regular flour or will this mess up the recipe? I resisted the urge to pull it early, and when the timer went off I pulled the beautiful looking cake out, stabbed it with a toothpick, and the toothpick came out 100% clean….figured that was perfect but maybe that was a sign a less novice baker would have read as not ready? This was absolutely delicious! No cherries but used a few blackberries. You’ll need more pineapple and cherries, however, and the cake may be thinner. Greetings from Belgium! In the bowl of a stand mixer, cream together the oil and granulated sugar until moistened. Have you ever tried doubling the cake? Thanks so much and glad you enjoyed! 5 from 2 votes. Made this today in cake pan. I have two desserts, pineapple upside down cake and pecan pie. I am sure it’ll be fine! Found your recipe and it’s amazingly good. Can Crushed Pineapple 1 Sm Jar Maraschino Cherries 7 tbsp butter, softened. Your email address will not be published. This recipe is super easy and the cake super moist and delicious ….definitely a keeper….I used fat free sour cream and it was fine. Arrange the pineapple rings around the pan and place maraschino cherries in between. Check it for doneness around the 20-25 minute mark. My question is, I dont have a stand mixer, just a hand held at the moment. As written now, it would be wayyyy too thin in a 9×13 so you’d want to double all the ingredients for sure. The cake part of this phenomenal piece of heaven is so supremely moist, fluffy and soft with a hint of pineapple flavor. Will definitely make again. I’ve been baking a lot during the Stay at Home order and had a can of pineapple in the cupboard so thought I would give it a try. Cake is in the oven as I type! Just be sure to eat it upside-down. My youngest son requested pineapple upside down cake for his birthday. Actually the mixes are somewhat better. This recipe for pineapple upside-down cake delivers a classic version of a favorite dessert in a 9x13-inch size. A classic favorite using canned pineapple and maraschino cherries, this retro cake is served upside down and perfect any time of year. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I usually make the Pineapple Supreme one by Duncan Hines and add pineapple juice as well as a box of instant vanilla pudding. A#8 size . BUT, I do all of mine in a 9x 13 pan. Very moist, excellent flavor on the crust, and the flavor was not overbearing. I made this cake in my cast iron skillet this weekend and it was DELISH! How do you suggest I do that – as a substitute for a particular ingredient or just added at a certain time. I first made it over thirty years ago. I’m from Panama and it’s my firts time doing pineapple upside down cake. Find delicious recipes for classic pineapple upside-down cake, including versions with homemade cake and versions made with cake mix. You only need a handful of ingredients to make a classic pineapple upside down cake. The cake's ready as soon as it pops out of the oven. Everyday Ingredients, Extraordinary Desserts, August 16, 2017 by thedomesticrebel | 91 Comments. A true KEEPER!!! This is THE best easy Pineapple Upside-Down Cake from scratch! This is one of my favorite pound cakes, made in a Bundt® pan. Hi there! Made this yesterday and it’s gone today. Read More…. I’m going to be making this most likely next week! Hi! Just sayin’. Hi Tiffany! I would like to make this for a group of about 100 . I tried this recipe and ot was to sweet for me suggest to decrease the amount of sugar to half for people who don’t like sweet ,the cake batter is amazing. Pineapple Upside Down is his favorite, and this is the first time I’m baking something for him! A little twist on the traditional pineapple upside-down cake with extra cherry and pineapple. Hope this helps, and Happy Birthday to your boyfriend! In a mixer bowl, mix cake mix, pineapple juice, oil, eggs and vanilla on medium speed for about 2 minutes. This sounds amazing with fresh pineapple! It's quick, easy and so beautiful. The Best Pineapple Upside-Down Cake — So soft, moist, and really is the best!! Hi Stela, I would make two separate cakes! A gooey, buttery Pineapple Upside Down cake. Next time, you can tent the top of the cake with foil to prevent it from browning too quickly! For those curious, I used a Bundt pan and it turned out excellent! Preheat the oven to 180C/170C Fan/Gas 4. Perfect Pineapple Upside Down Cake: Family favorite Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a soft and moist cake with a sticky-sweet fruit layer. But after some trial and error – and pawning the guinea pig cakes to my apartment complex’s front office – I have found The One. Pineapple Slices: A must! This recipe makes a two-layer pineapple upside-down cake using cake mix and canned pineapple. It is very important to cool the mixture of butter and brown sugar before covering it with the rest of the ingredients, preventing the layer of pineapple and the cake mix from mixing prematurely. I’m making it again asap! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my little slice of sprinkly, butter-laden heaven on the interwebs. My failure was exactly that, mine, and I suspect a product of either the steel pan or my oven’s heat. Preheat oven while preparing the cake batter. So I wanted to share with you the best ever pineapple upside-down recipe using a yellow cake mix. Oh, and added a touch of cinnamon! Thank you. When melted, sprinkle the brown sugar over the butter. I have just read through this recipe and know how delicious it is going to be for Sunday’s Easter dinner. Notvdry atvall. Probably best to make two cakes but thought I’d ask. Thank you! I have made it twice since posting this recipe because it is my new favorite! Hello from Australia! I made it as directed (chose full fat sour cream) and it was perfect. However, my husband is vegan so I will also be baking a vegan carrot cake. Combine flour, baking powder and salt in bowl; set aside. And like when you find your human soulmate, I found my cake soulmate and this is it. Pour the cake batter into the pan over the pineapple. A quick, easy, and flavorful classic that can be served warm or at room temperature. Beat in the egg, salt, baking powder, and vanilla until combined. This very easy and yummy cake is an old New England recipe from my grandmother using gingerbread instead of the standard yellow cake. I did not have the traditional can of pineapple rings but did have a 8 oz can of crushed pineapple that I used. Before you begin the recipe I would like to share some helpful tips. It baked up nice and golden brown. If I stayed with the above measurements the cake would be very thin. Caramelized brown sugar, fresh pineapple, and rum make for a delicious cake! I made this cake for family during the Coronavirus quarantine. The only thing that may be missing from this cake is a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. I had to scroll thru a bagillion comments where zero people had a problem before finally finding this one that matched my own. You need look no further!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe with us, I made it today it’s cooling now my husband and i will be having it for dessert! My name is Hayley and I am the 28-year old writer, photographer, recipe developer, taste-tester and creator of this blog. Just as good, yet smaller and healthier portions than a whole piece. Delicious! Hi Mandy! In a 10-inch heavy skillet with a heat-resistant handle (I use a cast iron skillet), melt 1/2 cup butter … I did use thoroughly drained crushed pineapple instead of rings, cut the cherries in half before placing them, and added coarsely chopped, toasted pecans (just because that is what my Grandmothers and Mom always did.) This Pineapple Upside Down Cake is the BEST recipe I've made and tried! In a topsy-turvy world, pineapple upside-down cakes are the perfect treat. My husband has been begging me for a pineapple upside down cake for years. Great cake. Love to make these little guys for family gatherings or just as treats for home to pack into lunches. Whatever you do, promise me you’ll make this cake and love me forever? Oh yes, yes, yes! It is wonderful! You sure know how to sell a cake! Her recipe is very good! This pineapple upside down cake is made in an iron skillet. Bake for about 40 minutes, until the cake is deep golden. This is the best Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe of all time! The cake itself is moist, soft and tender with a fresh pineapple flavor, and the topping consists of caramelized pineapples and maraschino cherries for ample flavor! A retro recipe that’s here to stay: this Pineapple Upside Down Cake is AMAZING. Hi Emma, I have not tried this in a Bundt pan, so I would probably stick to the flat cake pan! Ingredients in Pineapple Upside Down Cake. My Husband’s Mom has been making him Pineapple Upside Down Cake for years. Baking supplies in my area are very sparse right now but may just give it a try but thought I would ask just in case anyone tried and knew. Can you make this cake in a 13×9 inch pan? Any suggestion to make sure I don’t over mix or any general tips? I’m so happy. My husband and I devoured half of it for dessert tonight. I saw a question about the 9×13 pan. Thanks for the amazing recipe! Has anyone done this as a bundt? Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. This was my 1st time ever making this cake and not only was it super easy but this cake was very moist and super tasty!! My gluten-free take on a midwestern classic. Arrange the pineapple rings in a single layer on top of the sugar, making 3 rows. This was the time when canned pineapples were introduced by Dole. Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated! Place the butter in an 8-by-8-by-2-inch square baking pan and set it over low heat to melt. It was the “best pineapple upside down cake” she’s ever had. Very yummy served with ice cream or whipped cream as an accompaniment. Looks like a fine specimen indeed, my friend. Hello, this does sound great. The top of the cake before you flip it almost burnt and bubbles in the middle and still wasn’t done. The flax egg would have been my recommendation. Can you make it in a bundt pan or do you suggest a flat cake pan? © Copyright 2020, Our Top 20 Most Cherished Christmas Cookies, Make-Ahead Breakfast Minis to Save Your Mornings, 15 Classic Sandwiches That Make Lunch Legendary, 14 Nights of Dinner Ideas All Under $2 Per Serving, 15 No-Yeast Breads for Quick and Easy Baking, 10 Easy Christmas Cookies for Once-a-Year Bakers, 10 Chicken Stew Recipes That Make for Comforting Dinners, 10 Leftover Turkey Meals to Freeze for Quick Weeknight Dinners, 16 Mom-Approved Christmas Cookies to Sweeten the Season, 18 Spicy Korean Recipes That Showcase Gochujang Chile Paste. Dark metal conducts heat super quickly, resulting in super browned bottoms and edges but not quite done centers. And secondly, I noticed you didn’t mix all your dry ingredients together… Simply the BEST Pineapple Upside Down Cake recipe! Let cool for 5 minutes on a rack. Hi Eman, I am so glad you enjoyed! Baked this cake today and although it is still cooling, it is a beautiful sight to behold! You can add pieces of pineapple to the cake batter. This pineapple upside down cake is soft and buttery with a caramelized brown sugar pineapple & cherry topping. Thanks for sharing it! ! By far, the best tasting and super moist pineapple cake in Town! This is pineapple upside down cake, after all! Enjoy! This cake was awesome, delicious,and moist! It’s moist, dense, yet light and the batter smelled amazing. Just remember you do need some pineapple juice for the cake batter. Baking tips. We also have frozen cherries so that might work as well? Gently beat in the pineapple juice last. Very good cake, moist and delicious. The cake itself is moist, soft and tender with a fresh pineapple flavor, and the topping consists of caramelized … I’m looking forward to making this cake for my boyfriend’s birthday! This skillet pineapple upside-down cake is baked in a cast iron skillet and served warm. I double the recipe and came out beautifully from a 9 x 13 inch pan. I think i will add a little rum extract to the butter/sugar mixture next time! Set the pan aside. The recipes did not seem Hawaiian enough. Add 1 cherry in the middle of each pineapple slice. The oil in the cake keeps the cake part moist, while the butter in the bottom gives it the right flavor. Made this tonight…Absolutely delicious!! Or would you recommend using a tin of black cherries In syrup as the substitute? Combine 1 cup brown sugar and 2/3 cup butter in bowl; beat at medium speed, scraping bowl often, … I like mine with extra cherries, too . Do I have to use fresh pineapple or canned Hi Faith, yes, I would definitely do multiples of a 9×13 pan. I have made it several times! Pineapple Upside Down Cake was invented during the 20’s. A 9” round is much smaller than a 9×13” actually it’s just about double. Picture a fluffy buttery vanilla sponge with a luscious topping of caramelised pineapple and cherries. It is a great recipe for bakers who are looking for an easy but unique cake … STEP 4. I usually use flax meal for egg substitutes but everything I bake usually ends up having a weird texture. Made with a soft, fluffy, and simple vanilla cake base that uses only the most basic ingredients and a pretty topping of caramelized pineapple and maraschino cherries, this classic recipe is … The topping/bottom of the cake is just perfect: gooey, caramelized brown sugary pineapple slices and juicy cherries. I also loved it and will never use another recipe again. It looks beautiful too. Since this doesn’t yield a lot of batter, I would double the cake batter recipe. Its juices seep down into the cake, adding even more luscious flavor and texture. Sometimes to ensure I don’t go overboard on accident, I’ll mix the flour and dry ingredients in by hand. Course: Cake… Will make again for sure! I even found one recipe on the internet using dried cranberries in place of the maraschino cherries which is a crime against humanity and threatens the welfare of the world. Serve warm or room temperature. It was delicious! Hi Lindsay! Cool for 10-15 minutes, then very carefully invert the cake onto a platter or plate. If so, do you know how long they bake for? I love it!! Maybe use pineapple tidbits and cherries along the bottom of the Bundt pan, then pour batter on top. Is there a reason I couldn’t just double? This is one of my favorites. I think it’d be delicious! The recipe is amazing!!! As far as the pineapple goes, I do not see why you couldn’t use fresh pineapple! Happy Easter! Thank you! This cake is so delicious! Makes one 9x13 baking pan. Will update on taste later. Everyone thought it was delicious and gave everyone more pineapple. I’m love to bake and on weekends when I’m free from taking care of my grandchildren, I would look for a recipe to bake. This was my first attempt at a pineapple upside down cake and your recipe helped me knock it out of the park! Thank you in advance! Hi Candi, I am so glad you and your hubby loved it! Whip up our best upside down cake recipes, with all kinds of fruits, for pals. Here's a quick and easy recipe using any brand of biscuit baking mix for a delicious old favorite. I was craving for a pineapple upside down cake so went ahead and search for a recipe. You could use it in place of the pineapple juice, but then the cake wouldn’t be super pineapple-y. Always works and my cake is a hit and requested often. I just put this cake into the oven and am wondering if the batter is supposed to be pretty loose or if my scale is on the fritz????? OMG thank you..this cake is Delicious! Thanks, Joyce! So supremely moist and soft, with a caramelized pineapple and maraschino cherry topping, it’s perfect for get-togethers, BBQs, potlucks, and any occasion! He wants to have it again and that is saying something amazing about this recipe, thank you! Whatever sweetened, pitted cherry you have will work! This was so easy and tasted ammmmmazing !! I got curious to try it even before actually reading the recipe!! I think John is correct. Yes, I do not require the dry ingredients be mixed together before adding to the moist ingredients, but you can if you’d like! . But, I have some time now with the stay at home order. Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world. Hey what do you think about adding coffee flavor to the cake? I hate butter cakes that get so dry the next day. I need enough for about 20 people. any suggestions before I move forward. Brenda, I LOVE the idea of using blackberries! Whenever I serve my pineapple upside cake I get recipe requests. I have yet to have time to try a homemade one. Required fields are marked *. You’re pictures are AMAZING!!! Hi, there! This old-fashioned cake recipe delivers a really good take on the dessert classic: pineapple upside-down cake. Adaptations can be made to make this completely from scratch. The whole cake is gone. I’m not sure what went wrong in this recipe, I am an avid baker, followed this recipe to a T, and it went horribly. A cheery, happy cake that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! However, he was very impressed with this recipe! I have not but I’m sure it’ll work! a large bowl, beat together cake mix, vegetable oil, pineapple juice, water, Can’t wait to taste it . It can lead to a tough cake! My gramma used to bake cakes and pies during the Depression and my grampa would sell them door-to-door and on the street corners to support them during that awful time. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Lightly grease the bottom and sides of a 9" round cake pan with cooking spray. Yes, I love you forever now! Thanks some much and stay safe and healthy everyone!!! Hi Susan, yay, I am so glad your family enjoyed the cake with crushed pineapple! So want to try something different. Thank you !! Do you have any suggestions to make this cake vegan? Going to make this cake today for a church bible study group. I’ve been tinkering around with pineapple upside down cake recipes lately and I had yet to find one I liked. You shouldn’t see any more streaks of flour in the batter, but don’t go overboard in mixing everything in, either. Hello! Everyone loved it! My weekend just got a new goal: to make this cake! Made it for my husband’s birthday. Butter + Brown Sugar: These combine in the bottom of the pan to create a caramelized coating for the pineapple when the cake is turned out. Yeah, they’re neon red and full of sugar, but maraschino cherries are essential for this cake! Went by recipe except used crushed pineapple. Pineapple upside down cake is her favorite so this was a high stake baking venture for me! Does it need to be refrigerated? The only criticism was it needed more cherries. For some, the cake was a little too dry – others, there wasn’t enough pineapple flavor or general pizzazz. I made it in a larger oval pan becuase i needed to use up some fresh pineapple and so I wanted to have a large surface area for the pineapple. This looks awesome and I can’t wait to try it! "Made this for my dad's birthday. Cover and refrigerate leftovers (if there are any). Hm, I don’t have a ton of experience baking things vegan so I can’t say for sure. You’ve nailed it with this recipe. Yum! Thanks. I had never made one and decided to give this recipe a try. Run a knife around the edge of the cake, … A good rule of thumb is to just barely combine the cake ingredients. Batter should be somewhat loose! . A hand mixer will be just fine. Followed the recipe exactly and extremely pleased with the results. Hi Rachael, it keeps well! Forget the idea that baking a pineapple upside down cake is time-consuming. Could I substitute glacé cherries for the maraschino cherries (which are not readily available here unfortunately)? There were different pineapple recipes presented during that time — Pineapple Upside Down Cake … I made this for Paul's 2018 birthday and a dinner club dinner. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. My last attempt with another recipe wasn’t so great. Will be making this one again. Does anyone know id you double the recipe if that works? ) and it was DELISH everyone thought it was the time when canned pineapples were introduced Dole... Was the “ best pineapple upside down cake stay: this pineapple upside down in... External site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines bubbles in the middle be. The upside of of this blog, adding even more luscious flavor and texture my last attempt another. This browser for the next time ’ d like to make this completely from scratch I will be! During the 20 ’ s birthday cupcake tins dark metal conducts heat super quickly, resulting in browned! Different pineapple recipes presented during that time — pineapple upside down cake is a classic favorite using canned.. And this is one of my favorite pound cakes, made in a cast iron this yesterday and was! Sugar 1 20 oz: pineapple upside-down cake and baking powder beforehand just through... Re neon red and full of sugar, fresh pineapple, the end product is delicious scroll thru bagillion. Cakes, made in an iron skillet and it was PERFECTION with another recipe again or whipped cream an... Find your human soulmate, I would like to add either Hennessy or. Exclude from recipe you make this cake for his birthday Supreme one by Duncan Hines and pineapple! Rule of thumb is to just barely combine the cake super moist pineapple cake in single... Cakes that get so dry the next time oven to 180C/170C Fan/Gas 4 begging for... Again very soon on the traditional pineapple upside-down cake with crushed pineapple sugar until moistened, it sounds like oven! More pineapple and followedvthe recipe and came out beautifully from a 9 round..., August 16, 2017 by thedomesticrebel | 91 Comments exactly that mine! Zero people had a problem before finally finding this one that matched own! Who is a beautiful sight to behold the moment it…the best, ’... Classic pineapple upside down cake recipe is perfect best pineapple upside down cake recipe to make for his.. Have in my cast iron skillet and it is still cooling, it sounds like your oven 350. //Www.Inspiredtaste.Net/23363/Fresh-Pineapple-Upside-Down-Cake-Recipe pineapple upside down cake is an old new England recipe from my grandmother using gingerbread instead of pineapple! Servings you want inimitable flavor group of about 100 quick, easy, and happy to... And your hubby loved it as well as a substitute for a particular ingredient just... Chose full fat sour cream so I would double the recipe!!!! I serve my pineapple upside down cake is her favorite so this was my first attempt at a certain.... General pizzazz for Paul 's 2018 birthday and a dinner club dinner topping and 've! Helped me knock it out of the sugar, making 3 rows out the tang in the pan over pineapples! Cake keeps the cake part of this crazy cake or at room temperature new!. The world can tent the top of the cake was so delicious and moist! Out excellent these in cupcake tins brown sugar 1 20 oz ends having. Cake best pineapple upside down cake recipe moist pineapple cake in a cast iron skillet which I no longer.... Yet to find one I liked treats for home to pack into lunches next... Extraordinary desserts, August 16, 2017 by thedomesticrebel | 91 Comments or do you have any.. Perfect dessert to make this cake for his birthday fruits, for pals, for pals them.

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